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Title:C# 2.0 : the complete reference
Author(s): Herbert Schildt
Contents:Part One: The C# Language Chapter 1: The Creation of C# Chapter 2: An Overview of C# Chapter 3: Data Types, Literals, and Variables Chapter 4: Operators Chapter 5: Program Control Statements Chapter 6: Introducing Classes, Objects, and Methods Chapter 7: Arrays and Strings Chapter 8: A Closer Look at Methods and Classes Chapter 9: Operator Overloading Chapter 10: Indexers and Properties Chapter 11: Inheritance Chapter 12: Interfaces, Structures, and Enumerations Chapter 13: Exception Handling Chapter 14: Using I/O Chapter 15: Delegates and Events Chapter 16: Namespaces, The Preprocessor, and Assemblies Chapter 17: Runtime Type ID, Reflection, and Attributes Chapter 18: Unsafe code, Pointers, and Miscellaneous topics Chapter 19: Generics Part Two: The C# Class Library Chapter 20: Exploring the System Namespace Chapter 21: Strings and Formatting Chapter 22: Multithreaded Programming Chapter 23: Working with Collections Chapter 24: Networking Part 3: Applying C# Chapter 25: Building components Chapter 26: Creating Form-Based Windows Applications Chapter 27: A Recursive-Descent Expression Parser Appendix A: XML Comment Quick Reference
Keywords: C sharp (Computer program language)
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