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Title:Fundamentals of Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics
Author(s): Carlo Giunti
Chung Wook Kim
Publisher:Oxford: Oxford University Press
Size:710 p.
Contents:1. Historical introduction, 2. Quantized Dirac fields, 3. Standard model, 4. Three-generation mixing, 5. Neutrino interaction, 6. Massive neutrinos, 7. Neutrino oscillations in vacuum, 8. Theory of neutrino oscillations in vacuum, 9. Neutrino oscil lations in matter, 10. Solar neutrinos, 11. Atmospheric neutrinos, 12. Terrestrial neutrino oscillation experiments, 13. Phenomenology of three-neutrino mixing, 14. Direct measurements of neutrino mass, 15. Supernova neutrinos, 16. Cosmology, 17. Relic neutrinos , App. A. Conventions, useful formulas, and physical constants, App. B. Special relativity, App. C. Lagrangian theory, App. D. Gauge theories, App. E. Feynman rules of the standard electroweak model.
Keywords: Neutrinos , Neutrino Astrophysics
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