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Title:Neutrino astronomy current status, future prospects
Author(s): Thomas Gaisser (ed.)
Albrecht Karle (ed.)
Publisher:World Scientific
Size:242 p
Note:This review volume is motivated by the recent discovery of high-energy astrophysical neutrinos by IceCube -- back cover
Contents:Gamma ray bursts as neutrino sources / Peter Mészáros -- Active galactic nuclei as high-energy neutrino sources / Kohta Murase -- The origin of IceCube's neutrinos: cosmic ray accelerators embedded in star forming calorimeters / E. Waxman -- Galactic neutrino sources / Markus Ahlers -- Observations of diffuse fluxes of cosmic neutrinos / Christopher H. Wiebusch -- IceCube and astrophysical neutrinos: the search for sources / Chad Finley -- Recent results from the ANTARES neutrino telescope / Paschal Coyle and Clancy A. James -- The baikal neutrino project / V.M. Aynutdinov and Zh. A.M. Dzhilkibaev -- The dawn of multi-messenger astronomy / Marcos Santander -- Neutrinos from core-collapse supernovae / Marek Kowalski -- The quest for dark matter with neutrino telescopes / Carlos Pérez de los Heros -- KM3NeT: astroparticle and oscillations research with cosmics in the abyss / M. de Jong -- A next generation IceCube -- the IceCube-Gen2 facility for high energy neutrino astronomy / Erik Blaufuss and Albrecht Karle -- Neutrino physics with very large volume neutrino telescopes / Tyce DeYoung and Antoine Kouchner -- Radio detection of high-energy neutrinos / Amy Connolly and Abigail Vieregg
Keywords: Neutrino astrophysics , Astronomy Observations
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