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Title:A Decade of dark energy [DVD]
Conference:STSI Spring Symposium 2008, A Decade of Dark Energy, Baltimore Md., 5-8 May 2008
Author(s): Norbert Pirzkal (ed.)
Henry Ferguson (ed.)
Publisher:Baltimore, MD : Space Telescope Sci.Inst.
Size:2 DVD
Contents:Dark Energy Dichotomies by R. Bean
Constraining Dark Energy by P. Steinhardt
Piecing Together Current Supernova Constraints on Dark Energy by S. Perlmutter
Dark Energy and the Hubble Constant from HST, Version 2.0 by A. Riess
The Megamaser Cosmology Project by J. Braatz
Models of Dark Energy by E. Witten
Dark Energy Constraints on Modified Gravities by I. Neupane
Cosmological Post-Newtonian Approximation with Dark Energy by J. Hwang
Neutrino Clustering in Interacting Dark Energy Cosmologies by V. Pettorino
Supernovae by W. Freedman
Baryon Acoustic Oscillations : A Robust and Precise Route to the Cosmological Distance Scale by D. Eisenstein
Magnification Distortion of the Galaxy Correlation Function : Opportunities and Challenges by L. Hui
Figures of Merit for Dark Energy Experiments by D. Huterer
What Figure of Merit Should We Use to Evaluate Dark Energy Projects by Y. Wang
What Can We Learn from Future Dark Energy Probes by A. Albrecht
Recent Results from Weak Gravitational Lensing by Large Scale Structure by H. Hoekstra
WMAP : Recent Resluts and Dark Energy by L. Page
Cosmological Constraints from X-Ray Studies of Galaxy Clusters by S. Allen
Cosmic Shear : Potential and Prospects by S. Bridle
First Results from the WiggleZ Galaxy Redshift Survey by C. Blake
The Dark Energy Indicator : A Measure of Deviations of w from -1 by R. Daly TOC = Uncorrelated Estimates of Dark Energy Equation of State by A. Cooray
Overview of the dark Energy Survey by B. Flaugher
The SDSS Supernova Survey : Results and Prospects by S. Jha
How Can CMB Help Constraining Dark Energy by L. Verde
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope by T. Tyson
Inflation and Dark Energy : Is There a Connection by S. Watson
Dark Energy Constraits from the Superrnova Legacy Survey by M. Sullivan
Latest Results from Large - Scale Structure and Baryon Acoustic Oscillation Observations by W. Percival
Improving the Low -Redshift Foundations : Resluts from the Lick Observatory Supernova Search by A. Filippenko
The Cosmology of f(R) Models for Acceleration by W. Hu
Testing Gravity with Lensing and Large-Scale Structure by B. Jain
EUCLID : ESA's Proposed Dark Energy Mission by J.Peacock
DESTINY, The Dark Energy Space Telescope by T. Lauer
SNAP - An overview of the Supernova Acceleration Probe (SNAP) Mission by G. Bernstein
ADEPT - Advanced Dark Energy Physics Telescope by C. Bennett
Dark Energy : Hopes and Expectations by M. Livio
Dark Conclusions by J. Peacock
Series:Symposium (series) : 22
Keywords: Dark energy (Astronomy) Congresses , Conference proceedings , Conferences
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