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Title:Advanced stellar astrophysics
Author(s): William Kenneth Rose 1935-
Publisher:Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, U.K
Size:480 pgs.
Contents:1. Star Formation and Stellar Evolution: an Overview, 2. Introduction to the Physics of Stellar Interiors and the Equations of Stellar Structure, 3. Statistical Physics, 4. Absorption Processes, 5. Stellar Atmospheres, Convective Envelopes and Stellar Winds, 6. Thermonuclear Reactions and Nucleosynthesis, 7. Weak Interactions in Stellar Interiors, 8. Stellar Stability and Hydrodynamics, 9. Binary Stars, Mass Accretion, Stellar Rotation and Meridional Circulation, 10. Stellar Magnetic Fields, 11. White Dwarfs, Novae and Supernovae, 12. General Relativity, 13. Neutron Stars and Black Holes
Appendices: A. Physical and Astronomical constants, B. Further Comments on the Dirac Equation, C. Mathematical Appendix, D. Polytropes and the Isothermal Gas Sphere, E. Solutions to Selected Problems
Keywords: Stars.
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