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Title:American Prometheus The triumph and tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer
Author(s): Kai Bird
Martin J. Sherwin
Publisher:Vintage Books
Contents:I. He received every new idea as perfectly beautiful -- His separate prison -- I am having a pretty bad time -- I find the work hard, thank God, & almost pleasant -- I am Oppenheimer -- Oppie -- The Nim Nim boys -- II. In 1936 my interests began to change -- [Frank] clipped it out and sent it in -- More and more surely -- I'm going to marry a friend of yours, Steve -- We were pulling the New Deal to the left -- The coordinator of rapid rupture -- The Chevalier affair -- III. He'd become very patriotic -- Too much secrecy -- Oppenheimer is telling the truth... -- Suicide, motive unknown -- Would you like to adopt her? -- Bohr was God, and Oppie was his prophet -- The impact of the gadget on civilization -- Now we're all sons-of-bitches -- IV. Those poor little people -- I feel I have blood on my hands -- People could destroy New York -- Oppie had a rash and is now immune -- An intellectual hotel -- He couldn't understand why he did it -- I am sure that is why she threw things at him -- He never let on what his opinion was -- Dark words about Oppie -- Scientist X -- The beast in the jungle -- V. It looks pretty bad, doesn't it? -- I f4ear that this whole thing is a piece of idiocy -- A manifestation of hysteria -- A black mark on the escutcheon of our country -- I can still feel the warm blood on my hands -- It was really like a never-never land -- It should have been done the day after trinity -- There's only one Robert
Keywords: Oppenheimer, J. Robert, 1904-1967. , Physicists United States Biography. , Atomic bomb United States History. , Science Political aspects United States History 20th century. , United States History 20th century.
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