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Title:PWA90: a lifetime of emergence
Author(s): Premi Chandra (ed.)
Piers Coleman (ed.)
B. Gabriel Kotliar (ed.)
N. Phuan Ong (ed.)
Daniel L. Stein (ed.)
Clare C. Yu (ed.)
P. W. (Philip W.) Anderson
Publisher:New Jersey: World Scientific,
Size:222 p
Contents:Recollections of a graduate student / Khandkar A. Muttalib -- P.W. Anderson seen through the eyes of a student / Clare C. Yu -- Random walks in Anderson's garden: a journey from cuprates to Cooper pair insulators and beyond / Ganputhy Baskaran -- Some reminiscences on Anderson localization / Elihu Abrahams -- Anderson and condensed matter physics / T.V. Ramakrishnan -- Superfluidity and symmetry breaking: an Anderson living legacy / Frank Wilczek -- Phil Anderson and gauge symmetry breaking / Edward W itten -- A short history of the theory and experimental discovery of superfluidity in 3He / William F. Brinkman -- 40 years of quantum spin liquid: a tale of emergence from frustration / Patrick Lee -- High Tc superconductivity and RVB / Mohit Randeria -- Superconductivity in a terrestrial liquid: what would it be like? / Anthony Leggett -- Paired insulators and high temperature superconductors / Ted Geballe and Steven Kivelson -- The special properties of high Tc cuprates, radically different from other transition metal oxides / T. Maurice Rice -- From bacteria to artificial cells, the problem of self-reproduction / Albert Libchaber -- Spin glasses and frustration / Ted Kirkpatrick -- Frustration and fluctuations in systems with quenched disorder / Danie l Stein -- Phil Anderson's magnetic life / Piers Coleman.
Keywords: Condensed matter , Quantum theory
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