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Title:Quantum mechanics
Author(s): Eugen Merzbacher
(North Carolina U., Chapel Hill)
Edition:2nd ed
Publisher:New York : Wiley
Size:621 p
Contents:Introduction to Quantum Mechanics. Wave Packets and Free Particle Motion. The Wave Equation. The Wave Function and the Schrodinger Equation. The Linear Harmonic Oscillator. Piecewise Constant Potentials in One Dimension. The WKB Approximation. The Principles of Wave Mechanics. Central Forces and Angular Momentum. Piecewise Constant Potentials in Three Dimensions and the Hydrogen Atom. Scattering. The Spin. Dynamics of Two-Level Systems. Linear Vector Spaces in Quantum Mechanics. Quantum Dynamics Rotations and Other Symmetry Operations. Bound State Perturbation Theory. Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory. The Formal Theory of Scattering. Identical Particles. Applications of Second Quantization. Photons and the Electromagnetic Field. Relativistic Electron Theory. One-Electron Dirac Theory
Keywords: Quantum theory
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