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Title:Quantum Mechanics
Author(s): Leonard Isaac Schiff 1915-
Edition:3d ed.
Publisher:McGraw-Hill, New York
Size:544 pgs.
Contents:1. The Physical Basis of Quantam Mechanics 2. The Schrodinger Wave Equation 3. Eigenfunctions and Eigenwaves 4. Discrete Eigenvalues: Bound States 5. Continous Eigenvalues: Collision Theory 6. Matrix formulation of Quantam Mechanics 7. Symmetry in Quantam Mechanics 8. Approximation Methods for Bound States 9. Approximation Methods in Collision Theory 10. Identical Particles and Spin 11. Semiclassical Treatment of Radiation 12. Atoms, Molecules, and Atomic Nuclei 13. Relativistic Wave Equations 14. The Quantization of Wave Fields
Series:International series in pure and applied physics no. 57
Keywords: Quantum theory.
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