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Title:Quantum mechanics
Author(s): Karl Theodor Hecht 1926-
Publisher:Springer, New York
Size:760 pgs.
Contents:Background.- The Motion of Wave Packets.- The Schrodinger Wave Equation.- Schrodinger Theory.- Harmonic Oscillator Calculations.- Further Interpretation of Wave Eq.- The Eigenvalue Problem.- Spherical Harmonics.- l-Step Operators.- The Radial Functions.- Shape Invariant Potentials.- The Darboux Method.- The Vector Space Interpretation.- The Angular Momentum Eigenvalue Rigid Rotators.- Transformation Theory.- Another Example.-Transformation Theory.- Time dependence of a...- Perturbation Theory.- The Slightly Anharmonic.- Example 1.- Perturbation Theory for- The Case of Neary Degenerate Level.- Magnetic Field Peturbations.- Fine Structure and Zeeman...- Angular Momentum Coupling Theory.- Symmetry Properties.- Invariance of...- The Clebsch-Gordon Series.- Spherical Tensor Operators.- The Wigner-Eckart Theorem.- Nuclear Hyperfine Structure.- Angular Momentum...- Perturbed Coulomb Problem.- The Wkb Approximation Applications of WKB.- The Two-Electron Atom.- n-Identical Particle.-The Variational Method.- Introducing Scattering Theory.- The Rayleigh-Faxen-Holtzman Parital...- A Specific Example
Series:Graduate texts in contemporary physics 506
Keywords: Quantum theory.
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