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Title:Philosophic foundations of quantum mechanics
Author(s): Hans Reichenbach
Publisher:Mineola, N.Y. : Dover Publications
Size:182 p
Contents:PART I: GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS 1. Causal laws and probability laws 2. The probability distributions 3. The principle of indeterminacy 4. The disturbance of the object by the observation 5. The determination of unobserved objects 6. Waves and corpusc les 7. Analysis of an interference experiment 8. Exhaustive and restrictive interpretations
PART II: OUTLINES OF THE MATHEMATICS OF QUANTUM MECHANICS 9. Expansion of a function in terms of an orthogonal set 10. Geometrical interpretation in the function space 11. Reversion and iteration of transformations 12. Functions of several variables and the configuration space 13. Derivation of Schrodinger's equation from de Broglie's principle 14. Operators, eigen-functions, and eigen-values of physical entities 15. The commutation rule 16. Operator matrices 17. Determination of the probability dis tributions 18. Time dependence of the ^-function 19. Transformation to other state functions 20. Observational determination of the ^-function 21. Mathematical theory of measuremen 22. The rules of probability and the disturbance by the measurement 23. T h e nature of probabilities and of statistical assemblages in quantum mechanics
PART III : INTERPRETATIONS 24. Comparison of classical and quantum mechanical statistics 25. The corpuscle interpretation 26. The impossibility of a chain structure 27. The wave interpretation 28. Observational language and quantum mechanical langu age 29. Interpretation by a restricted meaning 30. Interpretation through a three-valued logic 31. The rules of two-valued logic 32. The rules of three-valued logic 33. Suppression of causal anomalies through a three- valued logic 34. Indeterminacy in th e object language 35. The limitation of measurability 36. Correlated systems
Keywords: Quantum theory , Physics Philosophy
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