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Title:Principles of discrete time mechanics
Author(s): George Jaroszkiewicz
Publisher:Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Size:365 p.
Contents:The physics of discreteness -- The road to calculus -- Temporal discretization -- Discrete time dynamics architecture -- Some models -- Classical cellular automata -- The action sum -- Worked examples -- Lee's approach to discrete time mechanics -- El liptic billiards -- The construction of system functions -- The classical discrete time oscillator -- Type 2 temporal discretization -- Discrete time quantum mechanics -- The quantized discrete time oscillator -- Path integrals -- Quantum encoding -- Disc rete time classical field equations -- The discrete time Schrodinger equation -- The discrete time Klein-Gordon equation -- The discrete time Dirac equation -- Discrete time Maxwell's equations -- The discrete time Skyrme model -- Discrete time quantum fi eld theory -- Interacting discrete time scalar fields -- Space, time and gravitation -- Causality and observation -- Concluding remarks.
Series:Cambridge monographs on mathematical physics.
Keywords: Quantum theory Mathematics. , Mechanics.
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