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Title:Path Integrals in Physics
Author(s): Masud Chaichian 1941-
A.P. Demichev
Publisher:Institute of Physics, Bristol
Size:2 Volumes
Note:Volume I: Stochastic Processes and Quantum Mechanics, Volume II: Quantum Field Theory, Statistical Physics and Other Modern Applications
Contents:Volume I: 1. Path Integrals in Classical Theory, 2. Path Integrals in Qunatum Mechanics, Appendices, a. General Pattern of Different Ways of Construction and Applications of Path Integrals, b. Proof of the Inequality Used for the Study of the Spectra of Hamiltonians, c. Proof of lemma 2.1 Used to Derive the Bohr-Sommerfield Quantizaiton Condition, D. Tauberian Theorem
Volume II: 3. Quantum Field Theory: The Path-Integral Approach, 4. Path Integrals in Statistical Physics, Supplements: 1. Finite-Dimensional Gaussian Integrals, 2. Table of Some Exactly Solved Wiener Path Integrals, 3. Feynman Rules, 4. Short Glossary of Selected Notions from the Theory of Lie Groups and Algebras, 5. Some Basic Facts about Differential Riemann Geometry, 6. Supersymmetry in Quantum Mechanics
Keywords: Path integrals.
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