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Title:Supersymmetric Gauge Field Theory and String Theory
Author(s): David Bailin
Alexander Love
Publisher:Institute of Physics Pub, Bristol
Size:322 pgs.
Contents:1. Supersymmetry Algebra and Multiplets, 2. Lagrangians for Chiral Superfields, 3. Lagrangians for Vector Superfields, 4. Pure Supergravity, 5. Coupling of Supergravity to Matter, 6.Supergravity Grand Unified Theories, 7. The Bosonic String, 8. The Superstring, 9. The Heterotic String, 10. Compactification of the Ten-Dimensional Heterotic String to Four Dimensions, 11. Direct Construction of Four-Dimensional Heterotic String Theories, 12. Superstring Interactions, Appendix A. Weyl Spinor Fierz Identities, Appendix B. Cyclic Symmetry of the Open-String Scattering Amplitude, Appendix C. Coherent State Methods, Appendix D. Closed-String Integrals
Series:Graduate Student Series in Physics v. 52, nos. 1-4
Keywords: Supersymmetry.
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Location: QC174.17.S9B33::2006

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