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Title:The supersymmetric world : the beginnings of the theory
Author(s): G.L. Kane
Publisher:World Scientific, Singapore
Size:271 pgs.
Contents:Part One: The predecessors, Early supersymmetry on the prairie, Thirty years ago, Strings and the advent of supersymmetry, The view from Pasadena, Remembering the early times of supersymmetry, Reminiscences
Part Two: Discovery of supersymmetry in four dimensions, Notes of an old graduat student, My husband, my love, Last interview with D.V. Volkov, Nonlinear way to supersymmetry, From symmetry to supersymmetry
Part Three: Local supersymmetry (supergravity), The sources of supergravity, Supergravity and the quest for a unified theory
Part four: The Pioneers, Strathdee, Recollections of a young contributor, On superpartners and the origin of supersymmetric standard model, Supersymetric Higgs potentials, The supersymmetric effective potential
Part five: The historical perspective, Revealing the path to the superworld, Notes on the conceptual development of supersymmetry
Keywords: Supersymmetry.
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