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Title:Supersymmetry and supergravity
Author(s): Julius Wess
Jonathan Bagger
Edition:2nd ed., rev. and expanded.
Publisher:Princeton University Press, Princeton, N.J
Size:259 pgs.
Contents:1. Why Supersymmetry?, 2. Representations of the Supersymmetry Algebra, 3. Component Fields, 4. Superfields, 5. Scalar Superfields, 6. Vector Superfields, 7. Gauge Invariant Interactions, 8. Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking, 9. Superfield Propagators, 10. Feynman Rules for Supergraphs, 11. Nonlinear Realization, 12. Differential Forms in Superspace, 13. Gauge Theories Revisted, 14. Vielbein, Tosion, and Curvature, 15. Bianchi Identities, 16. Supergauge Transformations, 17. The Theta anti Theta = 0 Components of the Bielbein, Connection, Torsion, and Curvature, 18. The Supergravity Multiplet, 19. Chiral and Vector Superfields in Curved Space, 20. New Theta Variables and the Chiral Density, 21. Invariant Lagrangians, Appendix A. Notation and Spinor Algebra, Appendix B. Result in Spinor Algebra
Series:Princeton series in physics SECS 165
Keywords: Supersymmetry. , Supergravity , Science - Waves & Wave Mechanics , Science - Physics , Science - Gravity
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