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Title:Quantum fields
Author(s): Nikolai Nikolaevich Bogoliubov 1909-
D.V.(Dmitrii Vasil'evich) Shirkov
Publisher:Benjamin/Cummings, Reading, Mass
Size:388 pgs.
Note:Translated by D. B. Pontecorvo
Contents:Some Basic Concepts and Notation, 1. Free Classical Fields, 2. Quantizatyion of Free Fields, 3. Interacting Fields, 4. The Scattering Matrix, 5. The Feynman Rules and Diagrams, 6. Evaluation of Integrals and Divergences, 7. Removal of Divergences, 8. Descriptionof Real Interactions
Appendixes: I. Isotopic Spin Formalism, II. Dirac Matrices and the Dirac Equation, III. Continuous Groups, IV. Transformations of Operators, V. List of Singular Functions, VI. Formulae for Integration Over Momentum space, VII. Kinematic Relations for the Vertices, VIII. Feynman Rules for Yang-Mills Fields, IX. The Renormalization Group
Keywords: Quantum field theory.
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