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Title:The Analytic S Matrix : A Basis for Nuclear Democracy
Author(s): Geoffrey F. Chew
Publisher:New York, W.A. Benjamin
Size:103 pgs.
Contents:1. Analyticity as a Fundamental Principle in Physics, 2. General S-Matrix Principles, Excluding Unitary, 3. Unitarity and Discontinuities, 4. Maximal Analyticity of the first Degree: Landau Singularities, 5. The Four-Line Connected Part with One Channel Invariant Fixed, 6. Angular Momentum Decomposition, 7. Analytic Continuation in angular Momentum and Asymptotic Behavior, 8. Maximal Analyticity of the second Degree, Bootstrap Dynamics, 9. The Nonrelativistic Potential Scattering Model, 10. The Strip Model of the Four-Line Connected part, 11. Dynamical Equations for the Strip Model, 12. Regge Pole Approximation to the Strip, 13. The Nuclear Bootstrap: General Discussion, Continued, 14. Conclusion
Keywords: S-matrix Theory
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