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Title:The global approach to quantum field theory
Author(s): Bryce Seligman DeWitt
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Size:2 volumes
Contents:VOLUME 1
I. Classical Dynamical Theory , 1. Fundamentals, 2. Dynamics and Invariance Transformations, 3. Small Disturbances and Green's Functions, 4. The Peierls Bracket, 5. Finite Disturbances. Tree Theorems. Asymptotic Fields, 6. Conservation Laws
II. The Heuristic Road to Quantization. The Quantum Formalism and Its Interpretation, 7. Classical Theory of Measurement, 8. Quantum Theory of Measurement, 9. Interpretation of the Quantum Formalism I, 10. The Schwinger Variational Principle and the Feynman Functional Integral, 11. The Quantum Mechanics of Standard Canonical Systems, 12. Interpretation
III. Evaluation and Approximation of Feynman Functional Integrals , 13. The Functional Integral for Standard Canonical Systems, 14. Approximation and Evaluation of the Path Integral, 15. The Nonrelativistic Particle in a Curved Space, 16. The Heat Kernel
IV. Linear Systems, 17. Linear Boson Fields in Stationary Backgrounds, 18. Quantization of Linear Boson Fields, 19. Linear Fermion Fields. Stationary Backgrounds, 20. Quantization of Linear Fermion Fields, 21. Linear Fields in Nonstationary Backgrounds, 22. Linear (or Linearized) Fields Possessing Invariant Flows
V. Nonlinear Fields , 23. The Effective Action, the S-matrix, and Slavnov-Taylor Identities, 24. Gauge Theories I. General Formalism, 25. Gauge Theories II. Background Field Methods. Scattering Theory, 26. Case-I Gauge Theory without Ghosts. Description of Cases II and III
VI. Tools for Quantum Field Theory. Applications, 27. The Heat Kernel, 28. Vacuum Currents. Anomalies, 29. More Vacuum Phenomena, 30. Black Hole Vacua. Hawking Radiation, 31. The Closed-time-path or 'In-in' Formalism
VII. Special Topics, 32. Euclideanization and Renormalization, 33. Canonical Transformations. Space Inversion and Time Reversal, 34. Quantum Electrodynamics, 35. The Yang-Mills and Gravitational Fields
VIII. Examples. Simple Exercises in the Use of the Global Formalism, X0. The Nonrelativistic Particle in Flat Space, X1. A Simple Fermi System, X2. A Fermi doublet, X3. Fermi Multiplet, X4. The Fermi Oscillator, X5. The Bose Oscillator, X6. A Fourth-order System, X7. A Model for Ghosts, X8. Free Scalar Field in Flat Spacetime, X9. Massive Vector Field in Four-dimensional Flat Spacetime, X10. Massive Antisymmetric Tensor Field, X11. Massive Symmetric Tensor Field in Flat Spacetime, X12. Massive Spinor Field in Flat Spacetime, X13. Massive spin-3/2 Field in Flat Spacetime, X14. Electromagnetic Field in Flat Spacetime, X15. Massless Symmetric Tensor Field in Flat Spacetime, X16. Massless Spinor Field in Four-dimensional Flat Spacetime, X17. Massless Spin-3/2 Field in Four-dimensional Flat Spacetime, X18. Renormalization Group and Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in the lq[4 Mode 1, X19. The Relativistic Particle in Minkowski spacetime, X20. A Simple Soluble Nonlinear Model, X21. Quantum Mechanics on a Circle, X22. Quantum Mechanics on a Klein Bottle, X23. Ghosts for Ghosts, X24. Massless Antisymmetric Tensor Field
Appendix A: Superanalysis, Appendix B: The Structure Functions to All Orders, Appendix C: The Case in Which OC is not Supersymmetric, Appendix D: Properties of Vilkovisky's Connection, Appendix E: Analytic Continuation in Dimension, Appendix F: Conformally Flat Spacetimes
Series:International series of monographs on physics 114
Keywords: Quantum Field Theory
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