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Title:Quantum field theory and the standard model
Author(s): Matthew Dean Schwartz
Publisher:Cambridge : Cambridge University Press
Size:850 p
Contents:Part I. Field Theory: 1. Microscopic theory of radiation, 2. Lorentz invariance and second quantization, 3. Classical Field Theory, 4. Old-fashioned perturbation theory, 5. Cross sections and decay rates, 6. The S-matrix and time-ordered products, 7. Feynman rules
Part II. Quantum Electrodynamics: 8. Spin 1 and gauge invariance, 9. Scalar QED, 10. Spinors, 11. Spinor solutions and CPT, 12. Spin and statistics, 13. Quantum electrodynamics, 14. Path integrals
Part III. Renormalization: 15. The Casimir effect 16. Vacuum polarization, 17. The anomalous magnetic moment, 18. Mass renormalization, 19. Renormalized perturbation theory, 20. Infrared divergences, 21. Renormalizability, 22. Non-renormalizable theor ies, 23. The renormalization group, 24. Implications of Unitarity
Part IV. The Standard Model: 25. Yang-Mills theory, 26. Quantum Yang-Mills theory, 27. Gluon scattering and the spinor-helicity formalism, 28. Spontaneous symmetry breaking, 29. Weak interactions, 30. Anomalies, 31. Precision tests of the standard mod el, 32. QCD and the parton model
Part V. Advanced Topics: 33. Effective actions and Schwinger proper time, 34. Background fields, 35. Heavy-quark physics, 36. Jets and effective field theory
Keywords: Quantum field theory Textbooks. , Particles (Nuclear physics) Textbooks. , SCIENCE / Mathematical Physics
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