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Title:Quantum field theory for mathematicians
Author(s): Robin Ticciati
Publisher:Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
Size:699 pgs.
Contents:1. Relativistic quantum mechanics 2. Fock space, the scalar field and canonical quantization 3. Symmetries, conserved currents and conserved quantities 4. The scattering matrix and Feynmann diagrams 5. Differential transition probabilities and predictions 6. Representations of the Lorentz group 7. Two-component scalar fields 8. Four-component scalar fields 9. Massive vector fields 10. Reformulating scattering theory 11. Functional integral quantization 12. Quantization of guage theories 13. Anomalies of gauge theories 14. SU(3) representation theory 15. The structure of the standard model 16. Hadrons, flavor symmetry and nucleon-pion interactions 17. Tree-level applications of the standard model 18. Regularization and renormalization 19. Renormalization of QED 20. Renormalization and preservation of symmetries 21. The renormalization group equations
Series:Encyclopedia of mathematics and its applications : v. 72
Keywords: Quantum field theory.
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