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Title:Regge poles and S-matrix theory.
Author(s): Steven C. Frautschi 1933-
Publisher:W.A. Benjamin, New York
Size:200 pgs.
Contents:1. Introduction, 2. Effective Range Theory of S-Wave Scattering, and the N/D Method, 3. The Ambiguity of Castillejo, Dalitz, and Dyson, and Levinson's Theorem, 4. The Mandelstam Representation for Non-Relativistic Potential Scattering, 5. Mandelstam Representation for Relativistic Scattering, 6. The Generalized Potential, 7. Approximations to the Mandelstam Representation: Polology and Nearby Cuts, 8. The Strip Approximation, 9. Asymptotic Behavior of Amplitudes, 10. Regge Poles in Non-Relativistic Scattering, 11. Regge Poles of the Coulomb Scattering Amplitude, 12. More About Regge Poles, 13. Regge Poles in Relativistic Scattering, 14. Some Experimental Results at High Energies, 15. Regge Poles and High Energy Experiments, 16. Are All Strongly Interacting Particles Composite?, Addendum I: The Khuri-Jones Threshold Factor, Addendum II: The Possiblity of Regge Cuts
Series:Frontiers in physics: a lecture note and reprint series no. 519
Keywords: S-matrix theory. , Regge Trajectories
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