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Title:Group theory and general relativity : representations of the Lorentz group and their applications to the gravitational field
Author(s): Moshe Carmeli 1933-
Publisher:Imperial College Press, River Edge, NJ
Size:391 pgs.
Contents:1. The Rotation Group, 2. The Lorentz Group, 3. Spinor Representation of the Lorentz Group, 4. Principal Series of Representations, 5. Complementary Series of Representations of SL(2,C), 6. Complete Series of Representations of SL(2,C), 7. Elements of General Relativity Theory, Spinors in General RElativity, 9. SL(2,C) Gauge Theory of the Gravitational Field: The Newman-Penrose Equations, 10. Analysis of the Gravitational Field, 11. Some Exact Solutions of the Gravitational Field Equations, 12. The Bondi-Metzner-Sachs Group,
Appendices: A. Review of Group Theory, B. Basic Concepts of Representations Theory, C. Infinite-Dimensional Representations, D. Gravitational Field Equations, E. Transformation Properties of the newman-Penrose Field Variables
Keywords: Lorentz transformations.
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