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Title:The Spiral Structure of Our Galaxy
Size:1 online resource (486 p.)
Contents:1. Survey of spiral structure problems -- I / Spiral Structure in Galaxies -- 2. Spiral structure in external galaxies -- 3. Spiral structure of our Galaxy and of other galaxies -- 4. Statistics of spiral patterns and comparison of
our Galaxy with other galaxies -- 5. The distribution of dark nebulae in late-type spirals -- 6. Angular momenta of late-type spiral galaxies -- 7. Applying the model of a normal logarithmic spiral to galaxies -- 8. Density
distribution and the radial velocity field in the spiral arms of M31 -- 9. The rotation curve, mass, light, and velocity distribution of M31 -- 10. A comparison of dynamical models of the Andromeda Nebula and the Galaxy -- 11. OB stars
on the outermost borders of M31 -- 12. Observations of radio continuum emission from M31 -- 13. Kinematics of M33, M51 and the L.M.C. -- 14. The stellar velocity field in M51 -- 15. Hii Regions in NGC 628, NGC 4254 and NGC 5194 -- 16.
Spiral structure and distribution of stellar associations in NGC 6946 -- II / Observations of Spiral Structure in Our Galaxy -- A. Radio Observations -- 17. Spiral structure of neutral hydrogen in our Galaxy -- 18. The distribution of
Hii regions -- 19. A motion picture film of galactic 21-cm line emission -- 20. Spiral structure of the Galaxy derived from the Hat Creek survey of neutral hydrogen -- 21. Galactic continuum source counts -- 22. Matter far from the
galactic plane associated with spiral arms -- 23. On a possible corrugation of the galactic plane -- 24. A study of spiral structure for 270°?lII?310° -- 25. A peculiar neutral hydrogen concentration at lII=280° bII=18° -- 26.
Contribution to the study of the distribution of neutral hydrogen in the region 230°?lII?280° -- 27. Radial velocities of neutral hydrogen in the anticenter region of the Galaxy -- 28. Radio observations of some details in the Hi local
spiral arm -- 29. Hydrogen in the regions of four stellar clusters -- 30. The distribution in galactic longitude of observable pulsars -- 31. Pulsar distances, spiral structure and the interstellar medium -- 32. On the physical
conditions in interstellar Hi gas -- B. Optical Observations -- 33. Local stellar distribution and galactic spiral structure -- 34. Remarks on local structure and kinematics -- 35. Galactic clusters and Hii regions -- 36. A new
interpretation of the galactic structure from Hii regions -- 37. The distribution of Hii regions in the local spiral arm in the direction of Cygnus -- 38. Reflection nebulae and spiral structure -- 39. The galactic structure and the
appearance of the Milky Way -- 40. The study of the Milky Way integrated spectrum and the spiral structure of the Galaxy -- 41. Space distribution of interstellar dust in connection with the galactic spiral structure -- 42. A
comparison of the density gradients of main sequence stars obtained by two different methods in different galactic latitudes -- 43. The galactic distribution of young Cepheids -- 44. A progress report on the Carina spiral feature --
45. The space distribution of the OB-type stars in Carina -- 46. Photometric investigation of the association Car OB 2 -- 47. Photometric and spectroscopic data for some distant O and B stars -- 48. Progress report on the
Cleveland-Chile survey for southern OB stars -- 49. A study of O and B stars in Vela, along the galactic equator -- 50. Progress report of the current research on the galactic structure in Vela -- 51. Calibration of 4-color and H?
photometry for B- and A-type stars -- 52. Wolf-Rayet stars, ring-type Hii regions, and spiral structure -- 53. Stellar rings and galactic structure -- 54. Radial velocities of early-type stars -- 55. The velocity dispersions of O- and
B-stars within a few kpc -- 56. On the distribution of space velocities of OB-stars -- 57. Questions concerning the usefulness and feasibility of large-scale stellar statistics -- III / Theory of Spiral Structure -- A. Normal Spirals
-- 58. Gravitational theories of spiral structure -- 59. The theory of spiral structure of galaxies -- 60. Small amplitude density waves on a flat galaxy -- 61. The propagation and absorption of spiral density waves -- 62. Large scale
oscillations of galaxies -- 63. Generating mechanisms for spiral waves -- 64. Spiral waves caused by a passage of the LMC? -- 65. Non-linear density waves in pressureless disks -- 66. Density waves in galaxies of finite thickness --
67. Particle resonance in a spiral field -- B. Barred Spirals -- 68. Barred spiral galaxies -- 69. Structure and dynamics of barred spiral galaxies with an asymmetric mass distribu­tion -- C. Numerical Experiments -- 70. Numerical
experiments in spiral structure -- 71. Computer models of spiral structure -- IV / Comparison of Theory and Observations -- A. Gravitational Effects -- 72. Interpretation of large-scale spiral structure -- 73. Theoretical 21-cm line
profiles: Comparison with observations -- 74. Neutral hydrogen in the Sagittarius and Scutum spiral arms -- 75. Large-scale galactic shock phenomena and the implications on star formation -- 76. Deviation of the vertex of the velocity
ellipse of young stars and its connection with spiral structure -- 77. Possible influence of the galactic spiral structure on the local distributions of stellar residual velocities -- 78. Additional evidence for the cataclysmic origin
of spiral structure in galaxies -- B. Magnetic Effects -- 79. Magnetic fields and spiral structure -- 80. On the circulation of gas near the galactic center -- 81. Magnetohydrodynamical models of helical magnetic fields in spiral arms
-- 82. Local magnetic field and its relation to the local spiral arm structure -- 83. Polarization of southern OB-stars -- 84. On a corollary to the magnetic dipole theory of the origin of spiral structure -- V -- 85. Summary and
outlook -- 86. Desiderata for future work
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Series:International Astronomical Union / Union Astronomique Internationale, Symposium No. 38 Held in Basel, Switzerland, August 29 – September 4, 1969 : 38
Keywords: Physics , Observations, Astronomical , Astronomy , Physics , Astronomy, Observations and Techniques
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Call number:PN1995.S26::2014 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:The Science of Interstellar
Author(s): Kip Thorne
Christopher Nolan (writer of foreword)
Publisher:New York: W. W. Norton
Size:324 p
Contents:A scientist in Hollywood: the genesis of Interstellar -- I. Foundations. Our universe in brief -- The laws that control the universe -- Warped time and space, and tidal gravity -- Black holes -- II. Gargantua. Gargantua's anatomy -- Gravitational slin gshots -- Imaging Gargantua -- Disks and jets -- Accident is the first building block of evolution -- III. Disaster on earth. Blight -- Gasping for oxygen -- Interstellar travel -- IV. The wormhole. Wormholes -- Visualizing Interstellar's wormhole -- Disc overing the wormhole: gravitational waves -- V. Exploring Gargantua's environs. Miller's planet -- Gargantua's vibrations -- Mann's planet -- The Endurance -- VI. Extreme physics. The fourth and fifth dimensions -- Bulk beings -- Confining gravity -- Grav itational anomalies -- The professor's equation -- Singularities and quantum gravity -- VII. Climax. The volcano's rim -- Into Gargantua -- The tesseract -- Messaging the past -- Lifting colonies off Earth -- Where can you learn more?
Keywords: Science in motion pictures. , Interstellar (Motion picture) , Astrophysics, Popular works
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