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Call number:SPRINGER-1984-9789400936997:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Geostatistics for Natural Resources Characterization Part 1
Size:1 online resource (585 p.)
Contents:Variogram -- Improving the Estimation and Modelling of the Variogram -- Towards Resistant Geostatistics -- Statistical Inference of the Semivariogram and the Quadratic Model -- Use of the Jackknife Method to Estimate Autocorrelation
Functions (or Variograms) -- Computing Variograms in Folded Strata-Controlled Deposits -- The Variogram and Kriging: Robust and Resistant Estimators -- The Variogram and its Estimation -- Inference for Spatial Autocorrelation Functions
-- Precision of Global Estimation -- Precision of Estimation of Recoverable Reserves: The Notion of Conditional Estimation Variance -- Estimation Variance of Global Recoverable Reserve Estimates -- Combining Local Kriging Variances for
Short-Term Mine Planning -- Application of a Geostatistical Method to Quantitatively Define Various Categories of Resources -- Kriging -- Conditional Bias in Kriging and a Suggested Correction -- Positive Kriging -- Correcting
Conditional Bias -- mAD and Conditional Quantile Estimators -- Kriging Seismic Data in Presence of Faults -- Co-Kriging — New Developments -- Indicator Kriging -- The Place of Non-Parametric Geostatistics -- Indicator Kriging as
Applied to an Alluvial Gold Deposit -- Estimating Local Recoverable Reserves Via Indicator Kriging -- Conditional Recovery Estimation Through Probability Kriging — Theory and Practice -- Recoverable Reserves -- Recovery Estimation: A
Review of Models and Methods -- The Selectivity of the Distributions and “The Second Principle of Geostatistics” -- Local Estimation of the Recoverable Reserves: Comparing Various Methods with the Reality on a Porphyry Copper Deposit
-- Isofactorial Models and Change of Support -- Geostatistical Application in Tabular Style Lead-Zinc Ore at Pine Point Canada -- Local Estimation of the Block Recovery Functions -- The Block Distribution Given a Point Multivariate
Normal Distribution -- Spectral Analysis and Data Analysis -- Three-Dimensional, Frequency-Domain Simulations of Geological Variables -- Factorial Kriging Analysis: A Substitute to Spectral Analysis of Magnetic Data -- The Factorial
Kriging Analysis of Regionalized Data. Its Application to Geochemical Prospecting -- The Analysis of Second-Order Stationary Processes: Time Series Analysis, Spectral Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, and Geostatistics
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Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Geography , Science , Physical geography , Geography , World Regional Geography (Continents, Countries, Regions) , Science, general
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