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Call number:SPRINGER-1999-9783642601873:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Classification in the Information Age Proceedings of the 22nd Annual GfKl Conference, Dresden, March 4–6, 1998
Size:1 online resource (608 p.)
Contents:Plenary and Semi Plenary Presentations -- Classification and Information -- Scientific Information Systems and Metadata -- Multiple Expert Fusion -- How To Make a Multimedia Textbook and How to Use It -- Clustering and Neural Network
Approaches -- Data Model and Classification by Trees -- A Framework for the Design, Development and Evaluation of Multimedia Based Learning Environments: ”ISTOS: An Application in the Computer Networking Domain” -- Natural and
Constrained Classification of Data by Fuzzy Clustering Techniques -- Finance and Risk -- From Variance to Value at Risk: A Unified Perspective on Standardized Risk Measures -- Does the Planning Horizon Affect the Portfolio Structure?
-- Statistical Approach in Financial Risk Analysis and Management — Review of Concepts -- Classification and Related Aspects of Data Analysis and Learning -- Classification, Data Analysis, and Statistics -- On Data-Based Checking of
Hypotheses in the Presence of Uncertain Knowledge -- Multivariate Directional Tests with Incomplete Data -- Classification and Positioning of Data Mining Tools -- Hazard Rate Estimation from Censored Data -- A Sequential Modification
of EM Algorithm -- Analysis of the Stability of Clusters of Variables via Bootstrap -- Models and Methods for Clusterwise Linear Regression -- Statistical Clustering Under Distortions: Optimality and Robustness -- Discrete Scan
Statistics for Detecting Change-points in Binomial Sequences -- Dynamic Confinement, Classification, and Imaging -- Approximation of Distributions by Sets -- Computation of the Minimum Covariance Determinant Estimator -- Graphical
Tools for the Detection of Multiple Outliers in Spatial Statistics Models -- Classification for Repeated Measurements in Gaussian and Related Populations -- Optimal vs. Classical Linear Dimension Reduction -- Testing for the Number of
States in Hidden Markov Models with Application to Ion Channel Data -- ClustanGraphics3: Interactive Graphics for Cluster Analysis -- Conceptual Analysis and Learning -- Conceptual Meaning of Clusters -- Group Theoretical Structures
for Representing Data Contexts -- The Comparative Efficacy of Some Combinatorial Tests for Detection of Clusters and Mixtures of Probability Distributions -- Efficient State-Space Representation by Neural Maps for Reinforcement
Learning -- Match-Gaphs of Random Digraphs -- An Improved Training Method for Feed-Forward Neural Networks -- Decision Support By Order Diagrams -- Neural Network Classification in Exponential Models with Unknown Statistics --
Conceptual Landscapes of Knowledge: A Pragmatic Paradigm for Knowledge Processing -- Usage of New Media and the Internet -- Information Systems, Multimedia, and WWW -- Remote Data Analysis Using Java -- Metrics for World Wide Web
Information Systems -- Modeling Concepts for Flexible Workflow Support -- Navigation and Classification on the Internet and Virtual Universities -- Visualization and Categorization of Cached Hypermedia Data -- Virtualization of Course
Structures Through Adaptive Internet Techniques -- Navigation in Cyberspace Using Multi-Dimensional Scaling to Create Three-dimensional Navigational Maps -- Structured Documentation. An Approach to Identify and Model Knowledge
Components for Learning Purposes -- Applications in Economics -- Finance, Capital, and Risk Management -- Measurement of the Probability of Insolvency with Mixture-of-Experts Networks -- An Application of Methods of Multivariate Data
Analysis to Compare Different Approaches to Exchange Rate Forecasting -- Intelligent Software Agents: Current Technology and Potential Impact on Electronic Markets and Intermediaries -- Clustering of Stocks in Risk Context -- Measuring
Risk in Value-at-Risk Based on Student’s t-Distribution -- Using ANN to Estimate VaR -- Forecasting Discretized Daily USD/DEM Exchange Rate Movements with Quantitative Models -- Study Major Choice — Factor Preference Measurement --
What is “Incentive Compatibility”? -- Marketing and Market Research -- An Integrative Approach for Product Development and Customer Satisfaction Measurement -- Market Segmentation and Profiling Using Artificial Neural Networks -- A
Classification Approach for Competitive Pricing -- Panel-Data Based Competitive Market Structure and Segmentation Analysis Using Self-Organizing Feature Maps -- Analysis of A Priori Defined Groups in Applied Market Research -- Modeling
and Measuring of Competitive Reactions to Changes of Marketing Mix at the Retail Level -- Applications in Archeology, Bioinformatics, Environment, and Health -- Bayesian Statistics for Archaeology -- Investigating Information Retrieval
with the Environmental Thesaurus of the Umweltbundesamt -- Data Mining with a Neuro-Fuzzy Model for the Ozone Prognosis -- Attributing Shares of Risk to Grouped or Hierarchically Ordered Factors -- New Hypotheses and Tests for the
Multivariate Bioequivalence Problem -- Diagnostic Support in Allergology Using Interactive Learning Classifier Systems -- On Nonparametric Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Business mathematics , Data structures (Computer science) , Computers , Statistics , Economic theory , Econometrics , Economics , Economic Theory/Quantitative Economics/Mathematical Methods , Econometrics , Business Mathematics , Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance , Data Structures , Information Systems and Communication Service
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Call number:SPRINGER-1988-9783642731518:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Photosensitisation Molecular, Cellular and Medical Aspects
Size:1 online resource (521 p.)
Contents:Past, present and future of photosensitisers -- Primary photochemical processes -- Continuous irradiation and emission methods -- Fluorescence lifetimes of chromophores interacting with biomolecules -- Pulse radiolysis -- The
photophysics and photochemistry of some dye sensitisers -- Spectral properties of hypericin-metal complexes -- Photolysis of the photosensitisers biothionol and fentichlor -- Laser flash photolysis and singlet oxygen quantum yields of
anthracyclines -- Characterization of the anthralin radical by pulse radiolysis and laser photolysis -- Photophysical and photodynamic properties of new photosensitisers -- Photoacoustic spectroscopy in biomedical sciences -- Absolute
determination of quantum yields of Photosensitisation by time resolved thermal lensing -- Hematoporphyrin-manganese: a contrast agent for tumors in magnetic resonance imaging -- Interactions of light with biological tissue -- Optical
measurements on tissue layers -- The optical properties of tissues at 633 nanometers as related to light dosimetry in photodynamic therapy -- Applications of the change in tissue optical properties caused by the prescence of
photosensitisers -- Mechanistic characterization of photosensitised reactions -- Singlet oxygen involvement in membrane photomodification -- Standards for singlet oxygen sensitization -- Biological and chemical photoproduction of
hydrogen peroxide -- Cell models -- Biological target molecules and cell structures in mammalian cell photosensitization -- Porphyrin photosensitisation of mitochondria -- Nuclear damage in mammalian cell photosensitization --
Biological implications of lesions introduced into DNA by singlet oxygen -- Damage to DNA repair in Murine L929 fibroblasts induced by the photodynamic action of HPD -- Photoinactivation of cells studied by 31P-NMR -- Sunlight,
melanogenesis, and free radicals in the skin -- Pulsed irradiation studies of some reactions of melanin precursors -- Melanin and photoprotection -- Pigmentogenic effects of psoralens -- Melanogenesis and light regulated experimental
carcinogenesis -- Role of melanins and drugs in cutaneous photosensitivity -- Skin and related photoreactions -- Phototherapy for pruritus in primary biliary cirrhosis -- Psoralens: a review -- Mutagenesis of psoralens on eukaryotic
cells -- Bichromophoric systems to study the base-psoralen photoreactions -- Photophysical behaviour of 5-methoxypsoralen in different solvent systems -- Furocoumarin photosensitized reations with fatty acids -- Furocoumarin
photosensitisation: wavelength dependence of monoadduct and crosslink formation in yeast -- The use of animal models for human risk assessment of psoralen photocarcinogenesis -- Phototherapy and PUVA therapy -- Ocular phototoxicity --
Ocular protection for patients undergoing PUVA or photodynamic therapy -- Diseases associated with defective tetrapyrrole metabolism: porphyria and hyperbilirubinemia -- Photophysical and related aspects of haematoporphyrin and related
systems -- Photophysical properties of chlorin derivatives of haematoporphyrin -- Insoluble polymer-supported porphyrins as photosensitisers -- Water-soluble metal napthalocyanines as potential photosensitisers -- HPDs chemical and
biophysical studies -- Studies of Photofrin II - induced photosensitisation of human red blood cells: variability between blood samples -- In vitro uptake and photodynamic action of tetra (3-hydroxyphenyl) porphyrin in cells --
Quantitative aspects of the interaction of porphyrins with cells -- Uptake of the anticancer porphyrin mixture Photofrin II by human fibroblasts from low density lipoprotein, high density lipoprotein and albumin -- Parameters
influencing photodynamic selectivity of normal progenitors vs leukemia cells -- Porphyrin-protein interaction -- Photomodification of porphyrins in biological systems -- Photoradiation therapy of rodent tumors -- Targets of porphyrins
photodynamic action in vivo -- Phthalocyanines as sensitisers for photodynamic therapy of cancer -- Pulsed laser studies of aluminium phthalocyanine derivatives -- Zn-phthalocyanine as a possible phototherapeutic agent for tumors --
Photochemotherapy - clinical aspects -- In vivo fluorescence from mouse skin: spectral evidence for the presence of chlorophyll derivatives -- DHE uptake and PDT response in an in vitro tumor model -- Fluorescence diagnosis and
photodynamic therapy evaluation of sensitisers by comparison of their pharmacokinetics -- In vivo aspects of PDT -- Alternative synthesis of “DHE” analogues -- New photosensitisers for PDT -- A dose response study of two purpurins on
the AY-27 rat bladder tumor -- In vivo cytotoxicity of metallopurpurins to bladder tumors -- Potential phototoxicity in the photosensitive patient -- Participants
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Series:NATO ASI Series, Series H: Cell Biology : 15
Keywords: Physics , Immunology , Neurosciences , Allergy , Biochemistry , Cell biology , Biophysics , Biological physics , Physics , Biophysics and Biological Physics , Cell Biology , Biochemistry, general , Neurosciences , Allergology , Immunology
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