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Title:Filter design for satellite communications : helical resonator technology
Author(s): Efstratios Doumanis
George Goussetis
Savvas Kosmopoulos
Publisher:Artech House
Size:1 online resource (207 p.)
Contents:Chapter 1 Introduction -- Helical Resonator Filters -- Chapter 2 Microwave Filters for Satellite Systems -- Requirements and Constraints -- System Perspective -- Communication Payload -- Filter Functions -- Summary of Filters Encountered in a Communication Payload -- Satellite Filter Technology -- Coaxial Cavity Filters -- Waveguide Technology -- Dielectric Resonator Technology -- Space Qualification for Filter Units -- Chapter 3 Filter Synthesis Techniques -- Synthesis of Prototype Response -- Characteristics of Filter Response -- Chebyshev Response -- Butterworth Response -- Elliptic and Asymmetric Responses -- Bandpass Filters Synthesis Using a Ladder Network -- Lowpass Lumped Element Filter Prototype -- Frequency Transformation -- Impedance Inverters from a Discontinuity -- Coupling Matrix Techniques -- Chapter 4 Analysis and Design of Helical Resonators -- Helical Resonator Considerations -- Transmission Lines Model of Resonators -- Coaxial Line with Helical Inner Core -- Helical Coaxial Transmission Line Resonators -- Full-Wave Modeling of Helical Resonators -- Quality Factor -- Dielectric Loading and Tuning
Chapter 5 Synthesis of Helical Resonator Filters -- Design of Helical Resonator Filters -- Input-Output Coupling -- Inter-resonator Coupling -- Tuning Screws -- Decoupling Iris -- Helix Axial Rotation -- Effect of Cavity Width -- Fourth-Order In-Line Filter -- Sixth-Order Folded Filter -- Realization Example -- Chapter 6 Quasi-Elliptic Helical Resonator Filters -- Cross-Coupled Helical Resonator Filters -- Cross-Coupling by Means of DC Connection -- Electromagnetic Cross-Coupling of Helical Resonators -- An Eighth -Order Example with Both EM and Wire-Enabled Cross-Coupling -- In-Line Quasi-Elliptic Helical Resonator Filters -- Parallel-Coupled Helical Transmission Lines -- Parallel-Coupled Helical Resonators -- Chapter 7 Helical Resonator Filters with High Power-Handling Capability for Space Applications -- Multipactor -- Space Qualifications Procedures -- Verification -- Analysis -- Methods of Detection -- Helical Resonators for Downlink Filters -- Power Handling Analysis -- Dielectric Covers
Series:Artech House space applications library
Series:Artech eBooks
Keywords: Microwave filters, Design and construction , Electric filters, Design and construction , Electric resonators, Design and construction , Artificial satellites in telecommunication, Equipment and supplies
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Call number:TK7871.6.S63::2012 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Space antenna handbook
Author(s): William A. Imbriale
Steven Gao
Luigi Boccia
Publisher:Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley
Size:744 p
Contents:Antenna Basics, Space Antenna Modeling, System Architectures of Satellite Communication, Radar, Navigation and Remote Sensing,Space Environment and Materials, Mechanical and Thermal Design of Space Antennas,Testing of Antennas for Space, Historical Overview of the Development of Space Antennas, Deployable Mesh Reflector Antennas for Space Applications: RF Characterizations, Microstrip Array Technologies for Space Applications, Printed Reflectarray Antennas for Space Applications, Emerging Antenna Te chnologies for Space Applications, Antennas for Satellite Communications, SAR Antennas, Antennas for Global Navigation Satellite System Receivers, Antennas for Small Satellites, Space Antennas for Radio Astronomy, Antennas for Deep Space Applications, Sp ace Antenna Challenges for Future Missions, Key Techniques and Technologies
Keywords: Antennas (Electronics) , Space vehicles Radio antennas. , Artificial satellites in telecommunication.
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