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Title:Microwave circulator design
Author(s): Douglas K. Linkhart
Edition:Second edition
Publisher:Artech House
Size:1 online resource (364 p.)
Contents:Chapter 1 Theory of Operation -- Units, Conversions, and Symbols -- The Physical Basis of Ferrimagnetism -- Ferrimagnetic Resonance -- Microwave Propagation in Ferrites -- Semiconductor Circulators -- Nanotechnology Circulators -- Thin Ferrite Films -- Active Circulators -- Chapter 2 Circulator Specification -- The Parameters -- Reflections and Segmentation -- Junction Circulators -- Single-Ferrite (Non-Composite) Junction Circulators -- Composite-Ferrite Junction Circulators -- Lumped-Constant Circulators -- Differential Phase Shift Circulators -- Switching Circulators -- Okada Circulators -- Field-Displacement Isolators -- Resonance Isolators -- Chapter 3 Applications of Circulators -- Load Isolation -- Duplexing -- Multiplexing -- Parametric Amplifiers -- Phase Shifting . Chapter 4 Material Selection -- Ferrites -- Ferrite Classes -- Ferrite Manufacturing -- Design Considerations -- Test Methods -- Specifications -- Temperature Effects -- Ferrite Select ion -- Magnet Selection -- Magnetic Compensating Material Selection -- Dielectric Selection -- Metals Selection
Chapter 5 Electrical Design -- Junction Circulators -- Above-Resonance Approximations -- Below-Resonance Approximations -- Network Synthesis -- Center Conductor Geometries -- Waveguide Junction Geometries -- Stripline Circulator Synthesis Algorithm -- Microstrip Circulator Synthesis Algorithm -- Waveguide Junction Circulator Synthesis Algorithm -- Okada Circulators -- Circulators Having Composite Ferrites -- Lumped-Constant Circulators -- Differential Phase Shift Circulators -- Resonance Isolators -- Dummy Loads for Isolators -- Temperature Effects -- Intermodulation Distortion -- RF P ower Effects -- Steady-State Thermal Effects -- Transient Thermal Effects -- Voltage Breakdown -- Spin-Wave Instability -- Chapter 6 Magnetic Design -- Magnet Sizing -- Ferrite Demagnetization Factors -- Leakage Flux Approximation -- Approximate Design of Magnetic Circuits -- Simulation of Magnetic Circuits -- Shielding -- Temperature Compensation -- Completing the Circuit -- Switching Circulators -- Self-Biased Circulators -- Considerations for Microstrip Circulators -- Chapter 7 Mechanical Design -- The rmal Considerations -- Stripline Power Handling -- Power Dissipation in Ferrites -- Cooling of Ferrites -- Venting -- Coaxial Junction Circulators -- Packaging Techniques -- Dimensional Tolerances -- Controlling Cavity Resonances -- Transitions -- RFI Con trol 253 -- Dissimilar Metals -- Finishes -- Lumped-Constant Circulators -- Waveguide Circulators -- Resonance Isolators
Chapter 8 Assembly and Testing -- Assembly Techniques -- Finding the Operating Point -- RF Power Testing -- Intermodulation Testing -- Multipaction Testing -- Magnetic Moment Measurement -- Measurement Uncertainty and Gauge Studies -- Chapter 9 Tuni ng -- Interaction Between Magnetic and Electrical Adjustments -- Magnetic Adjustment -- Above-Resonance Magnetic Adjustment -- Below-Resonance Magnetic Adjustment -- Magnet Charging, Calibration, and Stabilization -- Electrical Adjustment -- Eigenvalue Ev aluation -- Chapter 10 Design Examples -- Above-Resonance Stripline Junction Circulator -- Below-Resonance Stripline Junction Circulator -- Waveguide Junction Circulator -- Microstrip Circulator -- Differential Phase Shift Circulator -- Lumped-Constant Ci rculator
Series:Artech eBooks
Series:Artech House microwave library
Keywords: Circulators, Wave-guide, Design and construction.
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Call number:TK7871.65.H46::2008 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:The Stripline Circulator : Theory and Practice
Author(s): J. (Joseph) Helszajn
Publisher:J. Wiley & Sons
Contents:Architecture of Symmetrical Stripline Junction Circulators
Permeability Tensor of Magnetic Insulator
Spatial Shape Demagnetizing Factors of Magnetic Insulators
Scattering Matrix of m-port Junction
Eigenvalue Adjustment of Three-Port Circulator
Impedance Matrix of Junction Circulator
The 1-Port Topology of the Degree-1 and 2 Terminated Circulator
Cut-Off Space of Cloverleaf Planar Resonators with Magnetic Walls
Standing Wave Solutions of Wye Gyromagnetic Planar Resonators
Planar Resonators with Triplets of Radial and Circumferential Magnetic Walls
Split Unloaded Quality Factors of Gyromagnetic Resonators
The Lumped Element Circulator
The Stripline Junction Circulator Using a Gyromagnetic Disk Resonator
Greens Function Description of Junction Circulator
Finite Element Formulation of Junction Circulator
Circulators Using Triangular and Irregular Hexagonal Planar Resonators
The Operation of the Tracking and Semi-Tracking Circulators
The Negative Permeability Tracking and Semi-Tracking Circulators
Synthesis of Wide-Band Circulators Using Narrow Coupling Angles
Complex Gyrator Circuit of 3-port Circulators Using Gyromagnetic Resonators with Six-Fold Symmetry
Open-Circuit Parameters of Circulators Using Side-Coupled Wye Resonators : An Impedance Approach
The 4-Port Single Junction Circulator
Frequency Response of Quarter-Wave Coupled Reciprocal Stripline Junctions
Scattering Matrices of Junction Circulator with Chebyshev Characteristics
Synthesis of Stepped Impedance Transducers
Fabrication of UHF Circulators Using Irregular Hexagonal Gyromagnetic Resonators
Fabrication of Very Weakly and Weakly Magnetised Microstrip Circulators
The Stripline Circulator Theory and Practice
Series:Wiley series in microwave and optical engineering
Keywords: Circulators, Wave-guide Design and construction
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