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Call number:SPRINGER-2012-9781461434306:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Tragedy and Triumph in Orbit [electronic resource] : The Eighties and Early Nineties
Author(s): Ben Evans
Publisher:New York, NY : Springer New York : Imprint: Springer
Size:1 online resource
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Note:April 12, 2011, was the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's pioneering journey into space. To commemorate this momentous achievement, Springer-Praxis is producing a mini series of books that reveals how humanity's knowledge offlying, working, and livi ng in space has grown in the last half century. Tragedy and Triumph in Orbit, the fourth book in the series, explores the tumultuous events of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, a time whenareinvigorated Cold War between the United States and the S oviet Union bred further distrust and intense competition between the two old foes. As the Shuttle sought to fulfill its mandate of regular, routine access to space, a fatalAchilles heel in the system remained undetected until, one freezing January day in 1986, it made itself known with horrifying suddenness on millions of television screens across the world. Systemic flaws, and the urgent need to resolvethem, led to several years of introspection, while the Soviet program seemed to prosper and cosmonauts spent longer periods in space than ever before. By the end of the 1980s, a pair of Soviet success masked political changes on theground, changes which would dramatically turn a once-proud human space program into a mere shadow of what it was. The consequ ence would be a rocky road to an unlikely partnership
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Author's Preface
Chapter 1: We deliver
Chapter 2: A final Soviet salute
Chapter 3: An age of innocence
Chapter 4: Road to Peace
Chapter 5: New beginnings
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer Praxis Books
Series:Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Keywords: Engineering , Astrophysics , Astronomy , Astronautics
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Call number:SPRINGER-1999-9783642488634:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Micro- and Macrodata of Firms Statistical Analysis and International Comparison
Size:1 online resource (751 p.)
Contents:A: Enterprise Groups -- Exploring the Role of Acquisition in the Performance of Firms: Is the “Firm” The Right Unit of Analysis? -- The Role of French and Foreign Enterprise Groups in the French Productive System Internationalization
-- Enterprise Group: The French Methodology and Results -- Integration of Information in Enterprise Groups -- Myths and Realities about Employment and SMES in France: The Role of Enterprise Groups (1984–1992) -- B: International
Comparison -- International Comparability and Quality of Statistics -- Sample Dependence: Theoretical Aspects and Illustrations -- The Role of Technology in Manufacturing Employment and Productivity Growth: A Cross Country Micro Data
Analysis of Japan and the United States -- Quality Indicators for Statistical Surveys -- C: Efficiency, Productivity, Innovation and Other Factors -- Dynamic Labour Demand Model for Heterogeneous Panels -- Productivity and Specificity
in Factor Inputs -- Is Maximal Efficiency Necessarily Optimal for Firms? A Panel Data Analysis of Firms Technical Efficiency within an Efficiency Wage Framework -- Productivity, Competition, Financial Pressure and Corporate Governance
— Some Empirical Evidence -- Changing Nature of Japanese Firm?: Technology Adoption, Organizational Structure and Human Resource Strategy -- Parametric Estimation of Technical and Allocative Efficiencies and Productivity Changes: A
Case Study -- Efficiency of the Italian Banking Sector via a Parametric Approach -- Analysis of Effects of Reconstructed Business Units on Employment and Productivity. Longitudinal Study Using Synthetic Units of Finnish Manufacturing
-- Factors of Performance by Plant Generations. Some Findings from Finland -- Efficiency and Optimal Size Estimation with Panel Data: The Case of Business Service and Building Sector in Italy -- Information Content of Balance Sheets
for Quantitative Analysis of Industrial Districts -- Efficiency and Localisation: The Case of Italian Districts -- Groups, SME, and Territories: A Statistical Typology of the Local Industrial Structures in France -- Econometric Issues
in the Analysis of Linked Worker-Employer Surveys -- Dynamics of Italian Industrial Firms: Microeconomic Analysis of Performance and Labour Demand from 1989 to 1994 -- The Influence of Adjustment Costs on Labour Adjustment: An Analysis
Using Panel Data for Manufacturing Establishments in Lower Saxony -- Companies and Local Units: The Employment Trends in France -- Rank, Stock, Order and Epidemic Effects in the Diffusion of New Technologies in Italian Manufacturing
Industries -- Problems of Competitiveness Indicators -- Financing Constraints and Markups: Further Evidence Form Italian Firm Level Data -- Measuring the Duration of Italian Enterprises on the European Market (1997) -- Trend of the
Tourist Flows in Italian Hotels: A Microeconomic Analysis During the Period 1990–95 -- Assessing Slacks through a Nested Radial Approach in an FDH Reference Technology -- Unobserved Revenues Estimation for Homogeneous Agricultural
Firms: An Econometric Modelling Approach -- D: Task Force -- Issues in Following Enterprises through Time -- Authors List and Addresses
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Business , Business mathematics , Statistics , Econometrics , Business and Management , Business Mathematics , Econometrics , Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance
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Call number:SPRINGER-1973-9781489903303:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Pollution Engineering and Scientific Solutions
Size:1 online resource (784 p.)
Contents:1. Climatic Aspects of Pollution -- 1.1 Global Effects of Contaminants in the Upper Atmosphere -- 1.2 Climatic Aspects of Waste Heat -- 1.3 Cooling Towers and Weather Modification -- 2. Pollution and Space -- 2.1 Man-Made Alterations
of the Near Earth Space Environment -- 2.2 Orbital Pollution Control -- 2.3 Global Air Pollution Monitoring from Satellites: Prospects and Problems -- 2.4 Environmental Observations from Space — The Promise and the Challenge -- 3. Air
Pollution -- 3.1 A Model for Fluid Mechanical Studies of Air Pollution -- 3.2 A Systematic Method for Evaluating the Potential Environmental Impact of New Industrial Chemicals -- 3.3 Effect of Additives on Boiler Cleanliness and
Particulate Emissions -- 3.4 High Temperature Dust Control — Application of a Combination Particle Collector and Heat Exchanger -- 4. Agricultural and Pest Control Aspects of Pollution -- 4.1 Solutions to Problems of Soil Pollution by
Agricultural Chemicals -- 4.2 Control of Air Pollution Affecting or Caused by Agriculture -- 4.3 The Creation and Control of Pest Situations Through Engineering: Past, Present and Future -- 4.4 The Neo-Technological Landscape
Degradation and Its Ecological Restoration -- 4.5 Some Aspects of the Role of Engineering in the Competition Between Insects and Man -- 5. Sulfur Dioxide -- 5.1 Sulfur Dioxide Removal from Gases, U. S.: Lime-Limestone -- 5.2 Special
Problems of the Smelter Industry -- 5.3 Sulfur Dioxide Removal from Waste Gases: A Status Report from United States: Recovery Processes -- 5.4 Sulphur Dioxide Removal from Waste Gases: A Status Report from Japan -- 5.5 Sulfur Dioxide
Removal from Waste Gases: A Status Report — Europe -- 6. Propellants and Explosives -- 6.1 Pollution Abatement in the Manufacture and Loading of Propellants and Explosives -- 6.2 Investigations Related to Prevention and Control of
Water Pollution in the U. S. TNT Industry -- 6.3 Control of Nitrogen Oxide Emissions for Nitric Acid Plants -- 6.4 Abatement of Nitrobodies in Aqueous Effluents from TNT Production and Finishing Plants -- 6.5 Explosive Incineration --
6.6 The U. S. Navy PEPPARD Program -- 6.7 Elimination of Styphnic Acid from Plant Effluents -- 7. Solid Waste, Land Use -- 7.1 Environmental Problems and Solutions Associated with the Development of the World’s Largest Lead Mining
District -- 7.2 A Study of the Effectiveness of Backfilling in Controlling Mine Drainage -- 7.3 Land Disposal of Septage (Septic Tank Pumpings) -- 7.4 Resource Recovery from Municipal Waste — A Review and Analysis of Existing and
Emerging Technology -- 7.5 Removal of Trace Metals from Wastewater by Lime and Ozonation -- 7.6 A Floating Settler for Low Cost Clarification -- 8. Sensing, Instrumentation, and Measurement -- 8.1 Measurement and Collaborative Testing
for Implementation of Air Quality -- 8.2 The Use of Airborne Sensor Systems for Environmental Monitoring -- 8.3 Radio Wave Monitoring of the Depth and Salinity of the Water Table -- 8.4 Remote Measurement of Air Pollutants Utilizing
the Raman Effect -- 8.5 Remote Sensing of Pollutants by Means of Stereo Analysis -- 8.6 Profiles of the Natural Contaminant Radon 222 as a Measure of Vertical Diffusivity -- 8.7 Spectrophotometric Determination of Indole and Skatole
Using Lignine Extractions -- 9. Models -- 9.1 The Steady-State Demand-Output-Waste Economy -- 9.2 Simulation of Populations, with Particular Reference to the Grain Beetle, Tribolium -- 9.3 Pollution by Diffusive Processes -- 9.4
Computer Control of Physical-Chemical Wastewater Treatment -- 9.5 Computation and Mapping of the Dispersion and Herbage Uptake of Gaseous Effluents from Industrial Plants -- 9.6 Particle Deposition and Diffusivities along Smooth
Surfaces -- 10. Noise -- 10.1 Industrial Noise Pollution -- 10.2 Motor Vehicle Noise -- 10.3 Engineering and Scientific Implications of Noise Control Legislation -- 10.4 Noise Pollution in Developing Countries and in Israel in
Particular -- 11. National and Local Problems and Solutions -- 11.1 Environmental Protection in the U. S. -- 11.2 Pollution Problems in Australia — A Large, Sparsely Populated, Rapidly Developing Country -- 11.3 The Canadian Pollution
Problem — A Need for Broader Perceptions -- 11.4 A Cooperative Approach to Pollution Problems in Canada -- 11.5 Some Pollution Problems in Nigeria -- 11.6 Legal Control of Industrial Air Pollution in Israel -- 11.7 Air Pollution Trends
in Tel Aviv, Israel -- 11.8 A Dual-Purpose Air Pollution Alert and Implementation System for the Greater Tel-Aviv Area -- 12. Political, Social, Educational, and Industrial Aspects of Pollution -- 12.1 Politics and Pollution: Political
Solutions to a Deteriorating Environment -- 12.2 Some Economic, Spatial, Social, and Political Indicators of Environmental Quality of Urban Life -- 12.3 Teratological Hazards due to Phenoxy Herbicides and Dioxin Contaminants -- 12.4
Strategy for Maintaining Environmental Quality in Developing Technological Societies -- 12.5 Environment’s Most Dangerous Pest: Man -- 12.6 Environmental Education as a Means of Creating an Awareness of Pollution by Tomorrow’s Youth --
12.7 Pollution and Public Information -- 12.8 Are Industry and Government Fulfilling Their Responsibilities for Pollution Control? -- 12.9 Industrial Zoning
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Series:Environmental Science Research : 2
Keywords: Physics , Physics , Physics, general
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Call number:HC106.84.R57::2010 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Rising above the gathering storm, revisited : rapidly approaching category 5
Author(s): Prepared for the Presidents of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine by members of the 2005 Rising Above the Gathering Storm Committee
Publisher:Washington, DC : National Academies Press
Corp. Author:Prepared for the Presidents of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine by members of the 2005 Rising Above the Gathering Storm Committee
Keywords: United States - Economic conditions - Forecasting , Technological innovations - United States , Globalization , Competition - United States
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