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Call number:SPRINGER-2012-9783642240041:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Social Self-Organization [electronic resource] : Agent-Based Simulations and Experiments to Study Emergent Social Behavior
Author(s): Dirk Helbing
Publisher:Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Size:1 online resource
Note:Springer e-book platform
Note:Springer 2013 e-book collections
Note:What are the principles that keep our society together? This question is even more difficult to answer than the long-standing question, what are the forces that keep our world together. However, the social challenges of humanityin the 21st century ra nging from the financial crises to the impacts of globalization, require us to make fast progress in our understanding of how society works, and how our future can be managed in a resilient and sustainable way.This book can present only a few very first s teps towards this ambitious goal. However, based on simple models of social interactions, one can already gain some surprising insights into the social, ``macro-level'' outcomes and dynamicsthat is implied by individual, ``micro-level'' interactions. Depe nding on the nature of these interactions, they may imply the spontaneous formation of social conventions or the birth of social cooperation, but also their suddenbreakdown. This can end in deadly crowd disasters or tragedies of the commons (such as finan cial crises or environmental destruction). Furthermore, we demonstrate that classical modeling approaches (such as representative agent models)do not provide a sufficient understanding of the self-organization in social systems resulting from individual i nteractions. The consideration of randomness, spatial or network interdependencies, and nonlinear feedback effects turnsout to be crucial to get fundamental insights into how social patterns and dynamics emerge. Given the explanation of sometimes counter- intuitive phenomena resulting from these features and their combination, our evolutionary modelingapproach appears to be powerful and insightful. The chapters of this book range from a discussion of the modeling strategy for socio-economic systems over ex perimental issues up the right way of doing agent-based modeling. Wefurthermore discuss applications ranging from pedestrian and crowd dynamics over opinion formation, coordination, and cooperation up
Note:Springer eBooks
Contents:Modeling of Socio
Economic Systems
based modeling
Organization in Pedestrian Crowds
Opinion Formation
Spatial Self
Organization through Success
Driven Mobility
Cooperation in Social Dilemmas
Evolution of Social Behavior and Spatial Organization
Evolution of Moral Behavior
Coordination and Competitive Innovation Spreading in Social Networks
Heterogeneous Populations: Coexistence, Integration, or Conflict
Social Experiments and Computers
Learning of Coordinated Behavior
Response to Information
Systemic Risks in Society and Economics
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Understanding Complex Systems, 1860-0832
Series:Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Keywords: Mathematics , Statistics
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Call number:SPRINGER-1987-9781461309154:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Computer-Based Instruction in Military Environments
Size:1 online resource (346 p.)
Contents:An Overview of Computer-Based Instruction in Military Environments -- Intelligent CAI -- An Intelligent Computer Assisted Instruction System for Maintenance Training -- The Conversion of an Expert System to an Intelligent CAI System
-- Self-Organised Learning within an Intelligent Teaching System -- Portable, Intelligent Simulation for ASW Training -- Development of Prototypes -- CAITER: A Computer-Based Instruction Terminal -- The Use of Computers in Training in
the British Army -- Weapon Training and Simulation -- CBI in the Royal Air Force: A Case Study of Two Part-Task Trainers -- Development of a Prototype Computer-Based Testing and Assessment System -- Implementation and Evaluation --
Implementation of Computer-Based Training: A System Evaluation and Lessons Learned -- Evaluating New Technology: Formative Evaluation of Intelligent Computer-Assisted Instruction -- AIDS to Resource Usage, Resource Sharing and
Authoring -- Online Help: Design Issues for Authoring Systems -- A User-Maintained Database for Trainers in Military Environments -- Computer-Based Instruction in the Department of Defense: Enhancing Application of the Technology --
Turning Educators into Authors: A Case Study in the Acquisition of Authoring Skills -- Research in Traditional and Non-Traditional Environments -- New Frontiers for Computer Aided Training -- The Development and Test of a Hand-Held
Computerized Training Aid -- Consideration of Instruction and Training in Human Operator Models -- Computer-Assisted Programmed Cases: A Learning Method for Improving the Understanding of Persons -- Electronic Delivery of Job
Performance Aids -- New Theory -- Video-Game Technology and Training Research -- Experience-Consolidation Systems: A Sketch of a Theory of Computer-Based Instruction in Ill-Structured Domains -- The Use of Intelligent Authoring Tools
to Enhance CBI in Technical Training -- Invited Addresses -- Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence and Complex Training -- Authoring Tools: Past, Present, and Future
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Computer science , Health informatics , Computers and civilization , Computer Science , Computers and Society , Health Informatics
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Call number:SPRINGER-1984-9781461324010:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Aging and Technological Advances
Size:1 online resource (468p p.)
Contents:Aging and Technological Advances: Introduction -- Aging in a Technological Society: Desiderata and Dilemmas in Decision-Making -- The Next 25 Years: Impact Expectations from Technology on Aging -- Attitudes and Perceptions of Older
People toward Technology -- Section I: Labor Force Participation -- Aging and Labor Force Participation -- Demographic Trends Affecting the Age Structure of the Labor Force: 1950–2000 -- Older Workers: Force of the Future? -- Changes
in Labor Force Participation of Persons 55 and over since World War II: Their Nature and Causes -- Technological Change and the Labor Market Situation of Older Workers -- Impact of Technological Change on Middle-Aged and Older Workers:
Parallels Drawn from a Structural Perspective -- Recent Trends in Retirement Policy and Practice in Europe and the USA: An Overview of Programmes Directed to the Exclusion of Older Workers and a Suggestion for an Alternative Strategy
-- The Australian Labour Market for Older Workers -- The Social Consequences of Rapid Technological Change -- Study Group Report: Aging and Technological Advances—Labor Force Participation -- Section II: Health and Stress -- Ecology,
Aging and Health in a Medical Perspective -- The Compression of Morbidity -- Aging, Health, Stress and Technology in the Work Context: Concepts and Issues -- Technological Change and the Aging of Working Capacity -- Sources of
Occupational Stress among Older Workers -- Antecedents of Emotional Health Status among the Elderly -- The Affective Consequences of Technological Change for Older Persons -- Research reports -- Impact of Work and Technology on Health
Status of the Older Worker -- Psychological Functioning in Old Age and the Introduction of New Technology -- Interpersonal Relationships and Psychological Well-Being in Middle-Aged Persons -- Study Group Report: Aging and Technological
Advances—Health and Stress -- Section III: Human Factors -- Technology and the Aging Adult: Career Development and Training -- Technological Advances from a Human Factors Point of View -- Human Factors and Technology: The User Sets the
Pace -- People in Future Factories and Offices: With an Introduction to Some Special Opportunities and Problems for an Aging Workforce -- A Capability-Demand Approach to the Aged in Technological Environments: A Case for Improved Task
Analysis -- Impact of Microprocessors on the Quality of Life: Comparative Needs of Older vs. Younger Generations -- Technological Interventions for Changes in Hearing and Vision Incurred through Aging -- Research Reports -- The Older
Adult as Computer User -- Technology and the Older Person: Age, Sex and Experience as Moderators of Attitudes towards Computers -- Research on Human Factors: German Soldiers and Functional Age Limits -- Appraising the Performance of
Older Workers -- Human Factors in Aging: Issues for Adult Education -- Computer Based Memory Training and Memory Prosthesis in Older Adults -- Study Group Report: Aging and Technological Advances—Human Factors -- Section IV: Home and
Community -- The Older Person in the Residential Environment -- Aging and Technological Advances in Telecommunications -- Technology in the Service of the Aging Veteran -- Evaluation of a Personal Emergency Response System -- Computer
and Telecommunications Applications to Enhance the Quality of Life of Our Elderly Citizens -- Technology and Aging: Identification and Evaluation of Products to Enhance an Independent Lifestyle -- Research Reports -- Community Alarm
Systems for Older People — Age Concern Scotland -- Changes in the Home and Community Environment: Changing Residential Requirements and Safety in Residental Settings -- Home Safety Checkups for Seniors -- Study Group Report: Aging and
Technological Advances: Home and Community
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Series:NATO Conference Series, III Human Factors : 24
Keywords: Physics , Physics , Physics, general
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Call number:QC7.5.N49::2006 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:The new physics for the twenty-first century
Author(s): Gordon Fraser (ed.)
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Contents:1 Cosmology 2 Gravity 3 Astrophysics 4 Particles and the Standard Model 5 Superstrings Section 2 - Quantum Matter 6 Atoms and Photons 7 The Quantum World of Ultra-Cold Atoms 8 Superfluidity 9 Quantum Phase Transitions Section 3 - Quanta in Action 10 Quantum Entanglement 11 Quanta, Ciphers and Computers 12 Small-Scale Structure and Nanoscience Section 4 13 Nonlinearity 14 Complexity 15 Collaborative Physics, e-science and the Grid Section 5 - Science in Action 16 Biophysics 17 Medical Physics 18 Physics of Material 19 Physics and Society
Keywords: Physics History 20th century , Physics History 21st century , Quantum theory
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Location: MAIN

Call number:QA76.5.N434 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Neural networks : the official journal of the International Neural Network Society.
Publisher:Pergamon, New York
Keywords: Neural computers Periodicals.
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Call number:PE1128.S727::2005 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:400 must-have words for the TOEFL
Author(s): Lynn Stafford-Yilmaz
Lawrence J. Zwier
Contents:Nature LESSON 1 Food Crops LESSON 2 Disaster LESSON 3 Evolution and Migration LESSON 4 Petroleum Alternatives
Science LESSON 5 Time Efficiency LESSON 6 Ancient Life LESSON 7 Computers LESSON 8 Energy
Mind and Body LESSON 9 Memory LESSON 10 Spirituality LESSO N 11 Illness LESSON 12 Surgery LESSON 13 Ghosts
Society LESSON 14 Anthropology LESSON 15 Social Inequality LESSON 16 Expertise LESSON 17 Military Operations LESSON 18 War and Conquest LESSON 19 History
Money LESSON 20 Financial Systems LESSON 21 Wealth and Social Class LESSON 22 Personal Property LESSON 23 Employment LESSON 24 InternationalTrade
Government and Justice LESSON 25 Politics LESSON 26 A Reasonable Doubt LESSON 27 The Police LESSON 28 Investigating Crimes LESSON 29 Government Corruption LESSON 30 Crimes at Sea LESSON 31 The War on Drugs
Relationships LESSON 32 Family Relationships LESSON 33 Friendship LESSON 34 Passion LESSON 35 Negative Emotions
Culture LESSON 36 Social Rebels LESSON 37 Painting and Sculpture LESSON 38 The Written Word LESSON 39 Entertainment LESSON 40 Risky Fashions
Keywords: Test of English as a Foreign Language Study guides, English language Textbooks f
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