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Title:Quantum Computing since Democritus
Author(s): Scott Aaronson
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Size:one online book of 370 p.
Contents:Atoms and the void -- Sets -- Godel, Turing, and friends -- Minds and machines -- Paleocomplexity -- 6-P, NP, and friends -- Randomness -- Crypto -- Quantum -- Quantum computing -- Penrose -- Decoherence and hidden variables -- 13-proofs -- How big are quantum states? -- Skepticism of quantum computing -- Learning -- Interactive proofs, circuit lower bounds, and more -- Run with the Anthropic Principle1 -- Free will -- Time travel -- Cosmology and complexity -- Ask me anything
Series:Cambridge Books Online
Keywords: Computer science , Cryptographpy , Cryptology and coding , Quantum physics , Quantum information and quantum computation , Physics
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