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Title:The simple physics of energy use
Author(s): Peter Rez
Size:285 p
Note:The book quantitatively reviews sources of energy using fundamental physics. Using simple algebra and trigonometry, the mathematics are accessible to undergraduate students
Contents:Controlling the indoor environment: Buildings, Electrical power generation: fossil fuels, Nuclear power generation, Electrical power distribution, Electrical power generation: renewables--solar and wind, Electrical power generation: hydroelectricit y, tides, and pumped storage -- Part II Moving people and things around: Transportation: fuel energies, Ground transportation: road and rail, Air transportation, Ground transportation: ships -- Part III Making stuff: Materials that come from the earth, Ag riculture--things that are grown, Embodied energy and energy return on investment -- Summary: what should be done?
Keywords: Energy policy -- Social aspects , Renewable energy sources , Energy consumption , Electric power
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Call number:SPRINGER-1978-9781475701753:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Evaluating New Telecommunications Services
Size:1 online resource (784p p.)
Contents:Section 1 Overview of Research Issues -- User Research and Demand Research: What’s the Use? -- Technology and Structures — Man and Machine -- The Role of Telecommunications Policy Analysis in Service Planning -- Communications Policy
— The Need for Research -- Section 2 Public Services: The Delivery of Health Care -- The “Patient Trajectory”: A Modeling Tool for Planning and Evaluating Rural Telemedicine Systems -- Telehealth Care in Canada -- A Methodology for
Design of Advanced Technology-based Health Care Systems in Developing Countries -- Section 3 Public Services: Education and Community -- Educational Experiments with the Communications Technology Satellite: A Memo from Evaluators to
Planners -- Evaluations of Interactive Tele-education in the Public Service Commission -- Open Choice — New Communication Systems and Applications at the British Open University -- Serial Experimentation for the Management and
Evaluation of Communications Systems -- The Development of Two-way Cable Television: Applications for the Community -- Beyond Statistics -- Section 4 Information Services -- The Impact of Telecommunications Technologies on Informal
Communication in Science and Engineering — Research Needs and Opportunities -- Scientific Communication and Knowledge Representation -- Communications Aspects of Euronet -- Problems in Forecasting the Price and Demand for On-Line
Information Services -- The Economics and Cost Benefit of Analysis Services — The Case of Information Analysis Centers -- Technology Assessment and Idealized Design -- Section 5 Teleconferencing and Computer Conferencing -- Use and
Traffic Characteristics of Teleconferencing for Business -- Evaluation of the Potential Market for Various Future Communication Modes via an Analysis of Communication Flow Characteristics -- Learning the Limits of Teleconferencing:
Design of a Teleconference Tutorial -- Interpersonal Teleconferencing in an Organizational Context -- Organizational Communication Behavior: Description and Prediction -- Measuring the Dimensions of Interpersonal Communication --
Computer Assisted Communication in a Directorate of the Canadian Federal Government — A Pilot Study -- Exploiting the Tele- in Teleconferencing -- Section 6 New Services -- Bell System Visual Communications Systems -- The Swedish
Market for a Public Switched Multi-Purpose Broadband Network -- A Possible European System for Teleconferencing via Satellite -- Viewdata Networks -- Computerized Conferencing: A Review and Statement of Issues -- Section 7 The
Information Society -- Information Technology and Society -- Information and Communication: Is There A System? -- Information, Energy and Labour Force -- Electronic Funds Transfer in Perspective -- Section 8 Design and Planning -- The
Design of the Designing Community -- The Utility of Social Experimentation in Policy Research -- New Telecommunications Services and Regional Development: Approaches to Experimentation and Planning -- Planning Exploratory Trials of New
Interpersonal Telecommunications -- Concluding Discussion -- Policy -- Methodology
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Series:Nato Conference Series : 6
Keywords: Physics , Physics , Physics, general
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