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Call number:TK5101.8885.A26N49::2007 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:The definitive guide to the Microsoft enterprise library
Author(s): Keenan Newton
Size:492 p
Contents:Enterprise applications -- Introducing the enterprise library application blocks -- The design of the enterprise library application blocks -- The common assembly and objectbuilder components -- The enterprise library configuration console -- The d ata access application block -- The caching application block -- The exception handling application block -- The logging application block -- The cryptography application block -- The security application block -- The validation application block -- The policy injection application block -- The application block software factory -- Other application blocks and advanced features.
Keywords: Enterprise application integration
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Call number:SPRINGER-1978-9781461346227:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Manpower Planning and Organization Design
Size:1 online resource (789 p.)
Contents:Introductory Statement -- Section 1: Organization Design and Career Management -- Models for Organization Design and Staffing -- Manpower Planning for the Managerial Workforce: A Quantitative and Qualitative Approach -- The Creation
of a System of Personnel Management Forecasting: Technology or Sociology? -- A Methodological Review of the Treatment of Individual Goals in Some Recent German System Approaches Towards Manpower Planning -- An Optimal Retirement Policy
for Individuals -- Section 2: Conversational Computer-Assisted Manpower Management -- Conversational Manpower Planning Models in a Telecommunications Environment -- MANPLAN: A Flexible Computer Package for Practical Manpower Planning
-- Bargaining Assignment and Officer Rotation Models in the U.S. Navy -- Developing a Research-Based System for Manpower Management and Career Progression in the U. S. Army Officer Corps -- A Computer Assisted Manpower Planning Model
-- Section 3: Organization Design in Workforce Planning -- An Action Research Approach to Organisation Design -- Organization Design in the Smaller Enterprise -- The Place of Value Orientation of Members in Organizational Design --
Manpower Planning on the Halifax Waterfront: A Case Study with Implications for Industrial Relations -- Matrix Organization in an Industrializing Society: Case Studies from Brazil -- Importance of Individual Differences in Intervention
and Design for Improving Quality of Working Life -- Section 4: Descriptive Models of Organizations -- The Integration of Human Resources Planning into the Budgetary Cycle of the Canadian Federal Public Service -- Possibilities for
Career Management in a Subordinate Organisation -- Organisational Dichotomies: The Dilemma of Management -- Planning for Manpower Needs and Organization Development -- Section 5: Mathematical Methods for Manpower Systems -- A Normative
Model for Manpower Planning Under Risk -- Interactive Design of a Manpower System -- Efficient Computation and Long Range Optimization Applications Using a Two-Characteristic Markov-Type Manpower Flow Model -- Two Linear Programming
Models of a Large German Federal Department -- Manpower Planning Under Stochastic Turnover Behavior -- Forecasting and Recruitment in Graded Manpower Systems -- Section 6: Planning for Equal Employment Opportunities -- Equal Employment
Opportunity Planning and Staffing Models -- Planning Manpower Utilization in a Bi-Cultural Environment -- On the Racial Composition of Workers Available to an Organization -- Section 7: Economic and Demographic Implications of Manpower
Planning -- Intertemporal Eco-Demographic Interactions and Their Manpower Planning Implications -- Personnel Transfer in the Public/Private Research and Development (R&D) Sector -- The Demand for Qualified Manpower: Some Implications
for Macroeconomic Planning -- Some Economic-Demographic Interactions Affecting Female Manpower Supply: The Greek Experience -- Institutional Considerations for Macro Manpower Planning in Less Developed Countries -- Manpower Planning
for Industrial Projects in Libya -- Engineering Education and Manpower Needs of Developing Countries -- Section 8: Practical Experiences with Manpower Planning Systems -- Organizational/Systems Opportunities in the Operational Use of a
Personnel Planning Model -- Manpower Planning as a Basis for Current Changes in Periods of Engagement in the Canadian Forces -- Local Government Manpower Planning: Theory in Practice -- Re-Evaluating Company Manpower Planning in the
Light of Some Practical Experiences -- An Integrated Assignment and Training Control System of the Army (IVAS) -- On the Application of Analytical Models in Personnel Planning in the Bundeswehr -- Selecting the Most Appropriate
Manpower Model -- Section 9: Issues in Selection, Performance and Occupational Choice -- The Identification of Management Potential: A Contingency Approach -- An Objective Approach to the Development of Job Classification Schemes --
The Characteristics of Naval Personnel and Personnel Performance -- Implications of a Country Work Force’s Perceptions of Occupations on Work Force Mix and Macro Manpower Plans -- Contingency Analysis: With an Emphasis on Organization
Satisfaction -- Section 10: Quantitative Methods and Studies for Manpower Planning -- An Interactive Manpower Planning and Scheduling System for a Health Facility -- The Cost-Effectiveness of Various Fringe Benefits to U. S. Navy
Personnel -- VACATE: A Model for Personnel Inventory Planning Under Changing Management Policy -- An Initial Investigation into the Suitability of Absenteeism Rates as Measures of Performance -- An Evaluation of Navy Unrestricted Line
Officer Accession Programs -- An Industry Framework for Company Manpower Planning -- Appendix I: National Points of Contact -- Appendix II: List of Participants
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Series:NATO Conference Series, II Systems Science : 7
Keywords: Geography , Regional planning , Urban planning , Geography , Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning
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