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Title:Geomathematics: Theoretical Foundations, Applications and Future Developments [electronic resource]
Author(s): Frits Agterberg
Publisher:Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer
Size:1 online resource
Note:This book provides a wealth of geomathematical case history studies performed by the author during his career at the Ministry of Natural Resources Canada, Geological Survey of Canada (NRCan-GSC). Several of the techniques newlydeveloped by the author and colleagues that are described in this book have become widely adopted, not only for further research by geomathematical colleagues, but by government organizations and industry worldwide. These includeWeights-of-Evidence modelling, mineral resource e stimation technology, trend surface analysis, automatic stratigraphic correlation and nonlinear geochemical exploration methods. The author has developed maximum likelihood methodologyand spline-fitting techniques for the construction of the international numerical geologic timescale. He has introduced the application of new theory of fractals and multifractals in the geostatistical evaluation of regional mineralresources and ore reserves and to study the spatial distribution of metals in rocks. The book also contains sections deemed important by the author but that have not been widely adopted because they require further research. Theseinclude the geometry of preferred orientations of contours and edge effects on maps, time series analysis of Quaternary retreating ice sheet related sedimentary data, estimation of first and last appearances of fossil taxa fromfrequency distributions of their observed first and last occurrences, tectonic reactivation along pre-existing schistosity planes in fold belts, us e of the grouped jackknife method for bias reduction in geometrical extrapolations, andnew applications of the theory of permanent, volume-independent frequency distributions
1. Complexity of the Geological Framework and Use of Mathematics
2. Probability and Statistics
3.Maximum Likelihood, Lognormality and Compound Distributions
4.Correlation, Method of Least Squares, Linear Regression and the General Linear Model
5.Prediction of Occurrence of Discrete Events
6. Autocorrelation and Geostatistics
7.2D and 3D Trend Analysis
8.Statistical Analysis of Directional Features
9. Automated Stratigraphic Correlation, Splining and Geological Timescales
10. Fractals
11. Multifractals and Singularity Analysis
Series:Quantitative Geology and Geostatistics, 0924-1973 : v18
Series:Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Keywords: Geography , Geochemistry , GeologyxMathematics , Geology, Structural , Mines and mineral resources , Paleontology
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