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Call number:TJ840.C85::2002 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Fluid power circuits and controls: Fundamentals and applications
Author(s): John S. Cundiff
Publisher:Boca Raton : CRC Press
Contents:Brief Overview of Fluid Power -- Concept of Fluid Power -- Basic Circuits -- Basic Circuit Analysis -- Efficiency -- Fluid Power Basics -- Fluid Statics -- Hydrostatic Pressure -- Conservation of Mass -- Functions of a Working Fluid -- Fluid Properties -- Viscosity -- Bulk Modulus -- Specific Gravity -- Other Fluid Properties -- Flow in Lines -- Reynolds Number -- Darcy's Equation -- Losses in Fittings -- Leakage Flow -- Orifice Equation -- Analysis to Illustrate Use of Orifice Equation -- Use of Orifice Equation to Analyze Pressure Reducing Valve -- Data for Selected Hydraulic Fluids -- Pressure Control -- Review of Needed Symbols -- Relief Valve -- Direct-Acting Relief Valve -- Pilot-Operated Relief Valve -- Example Circuits Using Pilot-Operated Relief Valves -- Unloading Valve -- Sequence Valve and Pressure-Reducing Valve -- Sequence Valve -- Pressure-Reducing Valve -- Counterbalance Valve and Brake Valve -- Counterbalance Valve -- Brake Valve -- Creation and Control of Fluid Flow -- Fixed Displacement Pumps -- Fixed Displacement Pump Circuits -- Variable Displacement Pump Circuits -- Vane Pump -- Piston Pump -- Improvement in Efficiency with Load Sensing -- Comparison of Pump Performance Characteristics for Three Main Designs -- Gerotor Pump -- Vane Pump -- Axial Piston Pump -- Multiple Pump Circuits -- Pump Mounts -- Flow Control Valves -- Flow Dividers -- Circuits Using Flow Control Valves -- Rotary Actuators -- Stall Torque Efficiency -- Typical Performance Data for a Gear Motor.
Series:Advanced topics in mechanical engineering series.
Series:Mechanical engineering series
Keywords: Hydraulic machinery. , Fluid power technology.
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