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Call number:TK5105.875.I57::2007 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Programming collective intelligence: building smart web 2.0 applications
Author(s): Toby Segaran
Size:334 p
Contents:Introduction to collective intelligence -- Making recommendations -- Discovering groups -- Searching and ranking -- Optimization -- Document filtering -- Modeling with decision trees -- Building price models -- Advanced classification : kernel metho ds and SVMs -- Finding independent features -- Evolving intelligence -- Algorithm summary.
Keywords: Information technology, Social aspects, Programming
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Call number:SPRINGER-1978-9781475705553:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Applied General Systems Research Recent Developments and Trends
Size:1 online resource (1001 p.)
Contents:Conceptual and Methodological Foundations of General Systems Research -- Progress in General Systems Research -- Linkage Propositions between Fifty Principal Systems Concepts -- A Problem-Solving Basis for General Systems Research --
Systems Theoretic Description: A Vehicle for Reconciling Diverse Modelling Concepts -- On Being Autonomous: The Lessons of Natural History for Systems Theory -- The Complexity Race -- General System Identification — Fundamentals and
Results -- Constraint Analysis in Structure Modelling: A Probabilistic Approach -- Structure Modelling: A Constraint (Information) Analytic Approach -- On Structure Identification of Discrete Time Systems -- Metasystem Identification:
A Procedure for Detection and Structural Composition in Time Dependent Systems -- Exploring, Modelling, and Controlling Discrete Sequential Environments -- Managing Complex Systems: An Application of Ensemble Methods in System Theory
-- The Evolution of Organization -- A Mathematical Foundation for System Synthesis -- On the Decomposition of General Systems: Simulation by Coupling Quotients -- Some Esomathematical Uses of Category Theory -- A Categorical Approach
to General Systems -- Systems as Bimodules -- Lattices of Controllable and Observable Spaces -- Results of Empirical Studies in Fuzzy Set Theory -- Building Fuzzy Systems Models -- Basic Cyclic Relators as a Description of
Multi-Levelled Systems -- Mobile Systems: Survey -- System Dynamics Versus Econometrics—An Approach for Synthesis -- Absolute Stability of General Systems -- Asymptoticity in General Systems -- Normed Networks: Their Mathematical
Theory and Applicability -- The Role of the Observer in Uniform Systems -- The Nature of Fundamentals, Applied to the Fundamentals of Nature -- The Whole and the Simultaneous -- Ego Development Through Induced Programming --
Structurally Invariant Linear Models of Structurally Varying Linear Systems -- Stability and Eigenvalue Monotonicity of Linear Systems -- New Approaches to Reduction of Computational Complexity in Signal Processing Systems -- Synthesis
of Complex Control Objects as an Integrated System -- Advances of General Systems Research in Biological Sciences -- Biology and Systems Research: An Overview -- Biological Systems Theory: Descriptive and Constructive Complementarity
-- Some Analogies of Hierarchical Order in Biology and Linguistics -- Functional Hierarchies in the Brain -- Controlled Markov Chain Models for Biological Hierarchies -- Succinct Representation in Neural Nets and General Systems -- A
Matrix Algebra for Neural Nets -- Stability of General Systems in Biological, Physical and Social Sciences -- The Structural-Functional Analysis of Interbehavioral Systems -- Some Aspects of Analysis Cancer Problems by Means of Control
Theory -- The Inverse Problem: Computational Algorithms and Their Efficiency with Applications to a Model of the Calvin Photosynthesis Cycle -- Could a Model for the Regulation of ago-Antagonistic Couples Be Related to Various Types of
Concrete Systems? -- Optimal Ventilation of Critically Ill Patients -- Impact of General Systems Research On the Social Sciences -- Systems Research and Social Sciences -- Social System Evolution and Sociobiology -- General Systems
Methodology and Political Science -- Systems-Methodology in Management: An Adaptive Procedure for Organic Problem-Solving -- A Managerial Problem Solving Methodology (MPSM) -- A Dynamic Model for Society -- Understanding
Supra-Institutional Problems: Systems Lessons Drawn from an Application of the Checkland Methodology -- Multi-Organisational Strategies: An Analytical Framework and Case -- An Open-System Model of the Corporation -- A Production
Planning System Dynamics -- Analysis of Investment in Technology Development and Systems with Variable Structure -- General Systems: A Tool for the Evaluation of the Firm’s Potential as a Result of Changes in its P-M Posture -- Dynamic
Control of Hierarchical Public Systems -- The Meaning of Failure as Applied to Human Systems: Characteristics for a Fourth Generation of Systems Methodologies -- A Model of the Environment of Organizations: Theory and Evidence of
Regulating “Jumpy” F-Sets -- System Modeling in Space -- Social Networks and Inter-Systemic Decision-Making -- Two Separate Realities: Dyadic Communication Problems Resulting from Interpersonal Differences in Internal Complexity --
Evolution Strategy and Social Sciences -- A Systems Framework for Library Analysis -- Toward a Siggs Characterization of Epistemic Properties of Educational Design -- A Curriculum for General Systems Education -- Adverse Views to
General Systems Research -- Adverse Notes on Systems Theory -- On the Limitations of General Systems Theory in Systems Engineering -- The Limitations of Applied Systems Research
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Series:NATO Conference Series : 5
Keywords: Science , Science, general , Science, general
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