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Call number:QC773.3.U5S424::1994 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:The Plutonium story: The Journals of professor Glenn T. Seaborg, 1939-1946
Author(s): Glenn Theodore Seaborg 1912-
Ronald L. Kathren (ed.)
Jerry B. Gough (ed.)
Gary T. Benefiel (ed.)
Publisher:Battelle Press: Columbus
Size:920 pgs.
Contents:1. The Search for Element 94, 2. The Plutonium Project: A New Urgency, 3. The Plutonium Pioneers: Setting Up Shop at the MET Lab in Chicago, 4. The Crucial Decision: The Bismuth Phosphate Process, 5. From Laboratory to Semiworks: Upscaling the Bismuth Phosphate Process, 6. From Pilot Plant Back to Labortory: The Problem of Plutonium Purification, 7. Plutonium from the Clinton Reactor, 8. The Hanford Engineer Works and the Reconfiguration of the Periodic Table, 9. Alchemy on an Industrial Scale: Plutonium form Hanford and A Pair of New Elements, 10. The Atomic bomb: Geopolitics in a New Light, 11. Science in the Limelight: Educating the Public, 12. New Beginnings
Keywords: Atomic bomb - United States - History , Manhattan Project (U.S.) - History , Knowledge - Plutonium - History , Plutonium - Research - History , ISBN = 0935470751
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