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Call number:9781608070916:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:RF linear accelerators for medical and industrial applications
Author(s): Samy Hanna
Publisher:Artech House
Size:1 online resource (202 p.)
Contents:Chapter 1 Introduction -- Overview of Role of Accelerators in Our Lives -- A Glance at the History of Accelerator Development -- Development of Electrostatic Accelerators -- Development of Circular Accelerators -- Development of RF Linear Accelerato rs -- Cancer Radiation Therapy -- Market for Industrial Accelerators -- Producing Medical Radioisotopes for Imaging and Nuclear Medicine -- Electron Beam Sterilization of Medical Disposables and Food Processing Nondestructive Testing (NDT) -- Ion Implanta tion in Semiconductor Chip Fabrication -- Processing of Polymers -- Security and Inspection Applications
Chapter 2 Linac Basic Concepts and Constituents -- Fundamental Concepts and Definitions -- Coupled Accelerator Cavities -- Linac.s Different Configurations -- Standing-Wave Linacs -- TW Linacs -- Bunching Mechanism -- Electron Gun Operation -- X-Ray Generation and Target Design -- Mechanism of Conversion -- X-Ray Target Design Requirements -- Target Design Approaches
Chapter 3 Linac Supporting System -- The Linac as a Source for Electron and X-Ray Beams -- Linac Auxiliary Systems -- Linac Vacuum System -- RF Vacuum Window -- Linac Water-Cooling System -- Radio Frequency (RF) System -- RF High-Power Sources -- RF Power Transmission Subsystems
Chapter 4 Manufacturing Techniques of Accelerators -- Manufacturing Processes -- Material Requirements -- Cavity Machining -- Chemical Cleaning -- Assembly and Bonding Techniques -- Brazing -- Diffusion Bonding -- Tuning of Linacs Thermal Outgasing (Bake-Out) -- Electron Gun Activation -- High-Power RF Conditioning -- Linac.s Beam Tests and Test Bunkers -- Common Manufacturing Issues and Imperfections -- Quality Systems in Linac Manufacturing -- Examples of QC and QA Measures -- Ex amples of Statistical Process Control -- Guidelines for Linac Buyers and Users
Chapter 5 Role of Linear Accelerators in Cancer Radiation Therapy -- Basic Radiation Therapy Concepts and Definitions -- Radionuclides-Based Radiation Therapy -- Brachytherapy -- Cobalt Teletherapy -- Accelerator-Based Radiation Therapy -- The Medic al Linac Requirements -- Clinical Use of Linacs in Radiation Therapy -- Clinical Requirements -- Treatment Planning and Simulation -- Dose Fractionation -- Rotational Therapy -- Conformal Radiation Therapy -- Multileaf Collimators (MLCs) -- Intensity-Modu lated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) -- Adaptive Radiation Therapy (ART) -- Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) -- Need for IGRT and Treatment Verification -- Portal Films -- Electronic Portal Imaging Devices -- Tomotherapy -- Robotic Radiosurgery: CyberKnife -- Stereotactic Radiosurgery -- Gamma Knife Radiosurgery -- Intraoperative Radiation Therapy
Chapter 6 Accelerator-Based Industrial Applications -- Use of Accelerators in Material Processing -- Electron Beam Current and Energy Requirements -- Main Applications for Polymer EB Cross-Linking -- Industrial Material Processing Using X-Ray Radiat ion -- Sterilization of Medical Products and Food Irradiation -- Medical Product Sterilization -- Electron Beam Food Processing by Irradiation -- Mechanism of Killing Pathogens -- Environmental Applications of Accelerators -- Wastewater Treatment -- EB Tr eatment of Flue Gases - Reduction of Acid Rain -- Nondestructive Testing -- Security and Inspection Applications -- Scanning Units -- Recent Advancements in Cargo Inspection -- Ion Implantation in Semiconductor Chip Fabrication -- Concept of Operation
Chapter 7 Large Accelerators -- Large Accelerator Facilities for High-Energy Physics -- Linear Colliders -- Circular Colliders -- Use of Superconductivity in Large Accelerators -- Synchrotrons Sources -- Synchrotron Storage Rings -- Wigglers and Und ulators -- Examples of Synchrotron Radiation Applications -- Cancer Particle Therapy -- Advantages of Particle Therapy -- Particle Therapy Circular Accelerators
Chapter 8 Recent Developments and Future Trends in Accelerator Technology -- Free-Electron Laser -- Accelerator-Based Neutron Sources -- Neutron Spallation Sources -- The Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) -- Plasma-Based Accelerators -- Basic Concept of PWFA -- Dielectric Wall Accelerators -- Basic Concept of DWA
Series:EBL eBook
Keywords: Linear accelerators. , Linear accelerators in medicine.
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Call number:SPRINGER-1998-9783662011317:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:COMPSTAT Proceedings in Computational Statistics 13th Symposium held in Bristol, Great Britain, 1998
Size:1 online resource (501 p.)
Contents:Keynote Papers -- Analysis of Clustered Multivariate Data from Developmental Toxicity Studies -- Wavelets in Statistics: Some Recent Developments -- Invited Papers -- Mortality Pattern Prediction in Worker Cohorts -- Design Algorithms
for Correlated Data -- (Co)Variance Structures for Linear Models in the Analysis of Plant Improvement Data -- Optimal Scaling Methods for Graphical Display of Multivariate Data -- Computer-Assisted Statistics Teaching in Network
Environments -- Modelling Bacterial Genomes Using Hidden Markov Models -- MCMC Specifics for Latent Variable Models -- Exploratory Versus Decision Trees -- Exploring Time Series Using Semi- and Nonparametric Methods -- Time Series
Forecasting by Principal Component Methods -- Contributed Papers -- A Simulation Study of Indirect Prognostic Classification -- Model Search: An Overview -- Speeding up the Computation of the Least Quartile Difference Estimator --
Piece-wise Detection of Spinal Scoliosis -- A Comparison of Recent EM Accelerators within Item Response Theory -- Gröbner Basis Methods in Polynomial Modelling -- Analysis of High Dimensional Data from Intensive Care Medicine --
Fitting Non-Gaussian Time Series Models -- Using Singular Value Decomposition in Non-Linear Regression -- A Modelling Approach for Bandwidth Selection in Kernel Density Estimation -- A New Method for Cross-Classification Analysis of
Contingency Data Tables -- Bayesian Analysis of Overdispersed Count Data with Application to Teletraffic Monitoring -- An Alternative Pruning Method Based on the Impurity-Complexity Measure -- Bayesian Inference for Mixture: The Label
Switching Problem -- Simulation of Multifractional Brownian Motion -- Simulating Categorical Data from Spatial Models -- Robust Factorization of a Data Matrix -- Spatial Clustering Techniques: An Experimental Comparison -- A Visual
Environment for Designing Experiments -- Essay of a Dynamic Regression by Principal Components Model for Correlated Time Series -- Traffic Models for Telecommunication -- Construction of Non-Standard Row-Column Designs -- Computational
Statistics for Pharmacokinetic Data Analysis -- Frailty Factors and Time-dependent Hazards in Modelling Ear Infections in Children Using BASSIST -- Algorithms for Robustified Error-in-Variables Problems -- Idaresa — a Tool for
Construction, Description and Use of Harmonised Datasets from National Surveys -- LLAMA: an Object-Oriented System for Log Multiplicative Models -- Using Threshold Accepting to Improve the Computation of Censored Quantile Regression --
On the Convergence of Iterated Random Maps with Applications to the MCEM Algorithm -- Parameter Estimators for Gaussian Models with Censored Time Series and Spatio-Temporal Data -- Assessing the Multimodality of a Multivariate
Distribution Using Nonparametric Techniques -- Bayesian Signal Restoration and Model Determination for Ion Channels -- ARGUS, Software Packages for Statistical Disclosure Control -- Building End-User Statistical Applications: An
Example Using STABLE -- On Multiple Window Local Polynomial Approximation with Varying Adaptive Bandwidths -- Minimization of Computational Cost in Tree-Based Methods by a Proper Ordering of Splits -- Stable Multivariate Procedures —
Strategies and Software Tools -- An Alternating Method to Optimally Transform Variables in Projection Pursuit Regression -- Predicting from Unbalanced Linear or Generalized Linear Models -- MCMC Solution to Circle Fitting in Analysis
of RICH Detector Data -- A Visual Future for Statistical Computing -- Development of Statistical Software SAMMIF for Sensitivity Analysis in Multivariate Methods -- Data Imputation and Nowcasting in the Environmental Sciences Using
Clustering and Connectionist Modelling -- Graphical User Interface for Statistical Software Using Internet -- A Wavelet Approach to Functional Principal Component Analysis -- Quasi-Monte Carlo EM Algorithm for MLEs in Generalized
Linear Mixed Models -- Applications of Smoothed Monotone Regression Splines and Smoothed Bootstrapping in Survival Analysis -- Comparing the Fits of Non-Nested Non-Linear Models -- The Deepest Fit -- Partially Linear Models: A New
Algorithm and some Simulation Results -- Induction of Graphical Models from Incomplete Samples -- Locally and Bayesian Optimal Designs for Binary Dose-Response Models with Various Link Functions -- Statistics Training and the Internet
-- Jointly Modelling Longitudinal and Survival Data -- Representing Solar Active Regions with Triangulations -- A General Form for Specification of Correlated Error Models, with Allowance for Heterogeneity -- Exploratory Data Analysis
with Linked Dotplots and Histograms -- An Object-Oriented Approach to Local Computation in Bayes Linear Belief Networks -- Index of Authors -- Index of Keywords
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Statistics , Information technology , Business , Computer science , Statistics , Statistics and Computing/Statistics Programs , Math Applications in Computer Science , IT in Business
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Call number:R920.G74::1997 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Linear accelerators for radiation therapy
Author(s): David Greene
P.C. Williams
Edition:2nd ed.
Publisher:Institute of Physics Pub, Bristol, UK
Series:Medical science series 472
Keywords: Linear accelerators in medicine.
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Call number:R895.A2A14::1993 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Proceedings of the 400-MeV Beam International Workshop, held at Fermilab, October 24-27, 1993
Conference:400-MeV Beam International Workshop, Fermilab, 1993
Author(s): Carol Johnstone
Publisher:FNAL, Batavia, Ill
Note:Full-text available electronically
Keywords: Linear accelerators in medicine
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Location: Fermilab collection on the cross-walk

Cover Image
Call number:QC787.P3A38::1993 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Advances of accelerator physics and technologies
Author(s): Herwig F. Schopper (ed.)
Publisher:World Scientific: Singapore
Size:741 pgs.
Contents:Part I: Introduction - 1. What Can We Learn from Experiments with Accelerators and Storage Rings
Part II: Circular Accelerators and Storage Rings - 2. Beam Optics and Lattice Design, 3. Collective Phenomena and Instabilities, 4. The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider: RHIC, 5. Beauty and Tau-Charm Factories
Part III: Linear Accelerators - 6. General Aspects of Linear Accelerators, 7. RF Quadrupoles as Accelerators, 8. Accelerator Physics of the Stanford Linear Collider and SLC Accelerator Experiments Towards the Next Linear Collider, 9. the Road to TeV Electron-Positron Colliders
Part IV: New Methods and Technologies - 10. Superconducting Magnets for Accelerators, 11. Superconducting Cavities for High energy Accelerators and Storage Rings, 12. Cooling of Particle Beams, 13. Acceleration of Polarized Particles, 14. Ion Sources, 15. A Good Idea at the Time, 16. Geodesy for Particle Accelerators
Part V: Applications - 17. Synchrotron Radiation Sources, 18. The impact of Pulsed Spallation Neutron Sources on Condensed Matter Research, 19. Inertial Fusion with Heavy Ions, 20. high Energy Accelerators in Medicine, 21. Industrial Applications of Accelerators
Series:Advanced series on directions in high energy physics: v.12
Keywords: Particle accelerators.
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