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Title:Smithells metals reference book (electronic resource)
Author(s): Colin James Smithells
William Francis Gale
Terry C. Totemeier
Edition:8th ed.
Publisher:Boston : Elsevier
Size:1 online resource
Contents:Related designations -- Introductory tables and mathematical information -- General physical and chemical constants -- X-ray analysis of metallic materials -- Crystallography -- Crystal chemistry -- Metallurgically important minerals -- Thermochemic al data -- Physical properties of molten salts -- Metallography -- Equilibrium diagrams -- Gas-metal systems -- Diffusion in metals -- General physical properties -- Elastic properties, damping capacity and shape memory alloys -- Temperature measurement a nd thermoelectric properties -- Radiative properties of metals -- Electron emission -- Electrical properties -- Magnetic materials their properties -- Mechanical testing -- Mechanical properties of metals and alloys -- Sintered materials -- Lubricants -- Friction and wear -- Casting alloys and foundry data -- Engineering ceramics and refractory materials -- Fuels -- Heat treatment -- Metal cutting and forming -- Corrosion -- Electroplating and metal finishing -- Welding -- Soldering and brazing -- Vapour deposited coatings and thermal spraying -- Superplasticity -- Metal-matrix composites -- Non-conventional and emerging metallic materials -- Modelling and simulation -- Supporting technologies for the processing of metals and alloys.
Keywords: Metallurgy Handbooks, manuals, etc. , Metals Handbooks, manuals, etc.
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