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Title:Filter design for satellite communications : helical resonator technology
Author(s): Efstratios Doumanis
George Goussetis
Savvas Kosmopoulos
Publisher:Artech House
Size:1 online resource (207 p.)
Contents:Chapter 1 Introduction -- Helical Resonator Filters -- Chapter 2 Microwave Filters for Satellite Systems -- Requirements and Constraints -- System Perspective -- Communication Payload -- Filter Functions -- Summary of Filters Encountered in a Communication Payload -- Satellite Filter Technology -- Coaxial Cavity Filters -- Waveguide Technology -- Dielectric Resonator Technology -- Space Qualification for Filter Units -- Chapter 3 Filter Synthesis Techniques -- Synthesis of Prototype Response -- Characteristics of Filter Response -- Chebyshev Response -- Butterworth Response -- Elliptic and Asymmetric Responses -- Bandpass Filters Synthesis Using a Ladder Network -- Lowpass Lumped Element Filter Prototype -- Frequency Transformation -- Impedance Inverters from a Discontinuity -- Coupling Matrix Techniques -- Chapter 4 Analysis and Design of Helical Resonators -- Helical Resonator Considerations -- Transmission Lines Model of Resonators -- Coaxial Line with Helical Inner Core -- Helical Coaxial Transmission Line Resonators -- Full-Wave Modeling of Helical Resonators -- Quality Factor -- Dielectric Loading and Tuning
Chapter 5 Synthesis of Helical Resonator Filters -- Design of Helical Resonator Filters -- Input-Output Coupling -- Inter-resonator Coupling -- Tuning Screws -- Decoupling Iris -- Helix Axial Rotation -- Effect of Cavity Width -- Fourth-Order In-Line Filter -- Sixth-Order Folded Filter -- Realization Example -- Chapter 6 Quasi-Elliptic Helical Resonator Filters -- Cross-Coupled Helical Resonator Filters -- Cross-Coupling by Means of DC Connection -- Electromagnetic Cross-Coupling of Helical Resonators -- An Eighth -Order Example with Both EM and Wire-Enabled Cross-Coupling -- In-Line Quasi-Elliptic Helical Resonator Filters -- Parallel-Coupled Helical Transmission Lines -- Parallel-Coupled Helical Resonators -- Chapter 7 Helical Resonator Filters with High Power-Handling Capability for Space Applications -- Multipactor -- Space Qualifications Procedures -- Verification -- Analysis -- Methods of Detection -- Helical Resonators for Downlink Filters -- Power Handling Analysis -- Dielectric Covers
Series:Artech House space applications library
Series:Artech eBooks
Keywords: Microwave filters, Design and construction , Electric filters, Design and construction , Electric resonators, Design and construction , Artificial satellites in telecommunication, Equipment and supplies
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Call number:TK6560.S75::2010 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Microwave and RF design: A systems approach
Author(s): Michael Bernard Steer
Publisher:Raleigh, N.C. : SciTech Pub.
Size:952 p.
Contents:System Module -- 1. Modulation, Transmitters and Receivers -- 2. Antennas and RF Link -- 3. Radio Frequency Systems -- Transmission Line Module -- 4. Transmission Lines -- 5. Extraordinary Transmission Line Effects -- Network Module -- 6. Microwave Network Analysis -- 7. Passive Components -- 8. Impedance Matching -- Coupled Line and Filter Module
9. Coupled Lines and Applications -- 10. Filters -- Active Device and Synthesis Module -- 11. Amplifiers -- 12. Mixers, Oscillators and Switches -- 13. Synthesis -- A. Mathematical Identities and Relationships -- B. Power Descriptions -- C. Physical Constants and Material Properties -- D. Maxwell's Equations -- E. Waveguide Field Analysis -- F. RF and Microwave Circuit Schematic Symbols -- G. Active Device Models
Keywords: Radio Transmitters and transmission Design and construction. , Radio Receivers and reception Design and construction. , Radio circuits Design and construction. , Microwave circuits Design and construction.
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