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Title:High-peak-power Nd : glass laser systems
Author(s): David C. Brown 1942-
Publisher:Springer-Verlag, Berlin
Series:Springer series in optical sciences : v. 25
Keywords: Neodymium glass lasers.
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Call number:SPRINGER-1987-9781461308997:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Spectroscopy of Solid-State Laser-Type Materials
Size:1 online resource (592 p.)
Contents:Recent Trends in Laser Material Research -- Spectroscopy of Ionic Solid-State Laser Materials -- Optical Spectroscopy of Color Center in Ionic Crystals -- Electronic States of Transition Metal Ions in Solids -- Radiative and
Nonradiative Processes on Transition Metal Ions in Solids -- Transition Metal Ion-Doped Materials of Laser Interest -- Progress in Rare-Earth and Actinide Spectroscopy -- Spectroscopy of Post-Transition Metal Ions -- Advances in
Semiconductor Spectroscopy -- Materials for Ionic Solid State Lasers -- Glass Lasers and Solar Applications -- Recent Development in Phosphor Materials -- Long Seminars: High Pressure Properties of Some Laser Materials -- Laser-Induced
Dynamic Gratings and Four Wave Mixing-Material Investigations and Coherent Light Amplification -- Beta? Alumina: a Solid Electrolyte as a Solid State Laser Host -- Photoacoustic and Photothermal Characterization of Laser Material --
Laser Processes in Semiconductors -- Spectroscopy Using Lasers -- Excited State Absorption of Cr3+ in Low Ligand Field Hosts -- Quantum Well Structures for Optical Signal Processing -- Electronic Raman Spectroscopy (Abstract Only) --
Localization of Excitons in Weakly Disordered Systems (Abstract Only) -- Deep Impurity Levels in Semiconductors. Current State of our Understanding(Abstract Only) -- Achievements in the Field of Physics and Spectroscopy of Activated
Laser Crystals (Abstract Only) -- The Oxidation States of Ti in Sapphire Crystals (Abstract Only) -- Short Seminars (Abstracts): Laser Spectroscopy of Some Yag: R-E Systems -- Structure and Luminescence Properties of U6+ Centers in
Alkali and Alkaline Earth Fluorides -- Spectroscopy of KZnF3:Co -- Two Photon Excitation Spectroscopy of Actinyl`ions -- Relaxation Rates for Ho+3in Tellurite and Fluoride Glasses -- Energy Migration in a One-Dimensional System --
Intraion Spectral Interference Elimination in EUP5O14 by Time Resolved Spectroscopy and New Excitation Transfer Experiments in Tb0.66Eu0.33P5O14 Crystals -- Intermolecular Interactions and Luminescence Spectroscopy of Twodimensional
Layered Solids -- Energy Transfer in Li6Gd(BO3)3 -- 5D3-5D4 Cross-Relaxation of Tb3+Pairs in CsCdBr3 Crystals -- Energy Migration and Energy Transfer in GdB3O6:Bi,Tb -- On the Dielectric Constants in Donor-Acceptor Pair Luminescence --
Optical Feedback Stabilization of a Semiconductor Laser -- Temperature Dependence of the Fluorescence Lineshape and Lifetime of Titanium-Doped Sapphire -- Energy Transfer in Li(Gd,Y)0.98Ce0.01Tb0.01 F4 -- Laser Oscillation in
LiNbO3Nd,MgO -- Effects of Electron Bombardment on CdSe Crystals at T?4K -- Two Photon Absorption in Lanthanide Ions in Crystals -- Single Mode Neodymium Fibre Laser -- Summary of the Meeting -- Participants
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Physics , Optics , Optoelectronics , Plasmons (Physics) , Physics , Optics, Optoelectronics, Plasmonics and Optical Devices
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