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Call number:TK1078.D32::1997 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Decision Making Support for Off-Site Emergency Management : Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop, Aronsborg, Sweden, October 7-11, 1996
Author(s): Beaverstam, U.
Publisher:Nuclear Technology Pub, Ashford, Kent, England
Note:See: Radiation Protection Dosimetry V.73, No. 1-4, 1997
Corp. Author:Beaverstam, U.
Keywords: Nuclear reactors Accidents
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Call number:SPRINGER-2005-9780387269313:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Nuclear Energy [electronic resource] : Principles, Practices, and Prospects
Author(s): David Bodansky
Edition:Second Edition
Publisher:New York, NY : Springer New York
Size:1 online resource
Note:Springer e-book platform
Note:Springer 2013 e-book collections
Note:The world faces serious difficulties in obtaining the energy that will be needed in coming decades for a growing population, especially given the problem of climate change caused by fossil fuel use. This book presents a view ofnuclear energy as an im portant carbon-free energy option. It discusses the nuclear fuel cycle, the types of reactors used today and proposed for the future, nuclear waste disposal, reactor accidents and reactor safety, nuclear weaponproliferation, and the cost of electric power . To provide background for these discussions, the book begins with chapters on the history of the development and use of nuclear energy, the health effects of ionizing radiation, and thebasic physics principles of reactor operation. The text has been rew ritten and substantially expanded for this edition, to reflect changes that have taken place in the eight years since the publication of the first edition and toprovide greater coverage of key topics. These include the Yucca Mountain repository plans, des igns for next-generation reactors, weapons proliferation and terrorism threats, the potential of alternatives to nuclear energy, andcontroversies about low-level radiation. Acclaim for the first edition: The book provides a superb background for scientist s and those in technical fields. It provides probably all the information that many people, includinggovernment policy makers, will ever need...[a] well-written and balanced book. This book is recommended for anyone who wants a broad technical background on nuclear energy. -American Journal of Physics
Note:Springer eBooks
Contents:The Motivation for Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Power Development
Radioactivity and Radiation Exposures
Effects of Radiation Exposures
Neutron Reactions
Nuclear Fission
Chain Reactions and Nuclear Reactors
Types of Nuclear Reactors
Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Nuclear Waste Disposal: Amounts of Waste
Storage and Disposal of Nuclear Wastes
US Waste Disposal Plans and the Yucca Mountain Repository
Policy Issues in Nuclear Waste Disposal
Nuclear Reactor Safety
Nuclear Reactor Accidents
Future Nuclear Reactors
Nuclear Bombs, Nuclear Energy, and Terrorism
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Keywords: Particles (Nuclear physics) , Nuclear physics , Nuclear engineering
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