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Title:Babylonian Mathematical Astronomy: Procedure Texts [electronic resource]
Author(s): Mathieu Ossendrijver
Publisher:New York, NY : Springer New York
Size:1 online resource
Note:Springer e-book platform
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Note:Babylonian Mathematical Astronomy: Procedure Texts contains a new analysis of the procedure texts of Babylonian mathematical astronomy. These cuneiform tablets, excavated in Babylon and Uruk and dating from 35050 BCE, containcomputational instruction s that represent the earliest known form of mathematical astronomy of the ancient world. The targeted readership includes assyriologists, historians of science, astronomers and others with an interest inBabylonian astronomy. The book includes new translat ions of all 108 available tablets that are based on a modern approach incorporating recent insights from assyriology and translation science. All translations are accompanied bycommentaries and photographs of the tablets. The preceding chapters are devote d to documentary, lexical, semantic, mathematical and astronomical aspects of the procedure texts. Special attention is given to issues of mathematicalrepresentation, a topic that had previously been largely ignored. Mathematical concepts are presented in a didactic fashion, setting out from the most elementary ones (numbers and elementary operations) to more complex ones (algorithmsand computational systems). Chapters devoted to the planets and the Moon contain updated and expanded reconstructions and as tronomical interpretations of the algorithms. The author intends to continue his study of Babylonianmathematical astronomy with a new publication devoted to the Tabular Textsthe end products of Babylonian mathematical astronomy, computed with algorithms t hat are formulated in the present volume. The upcoming volume will containnew editions and reconstructions of over 250 tabular texts and a new philological, astronomical, and mathematical analysis of these texts
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Abbreviations and symbols
1. Procedure texts
2. Mathematical concepts from numbers to computational systems
3. Planets
4. Moon
5. Critical editions
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Series:Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Keywords: Mathematics , Science History , Oriental languages , Semitic languages , Astronomy
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