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Call number:QC757.9.M67::1986 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Permanent Magnet design and application handbook
Author(s): Lester R. Moskowitz 1926-
Publisher:Krieger Publishing Co.: Malabar, Fla
Size:443 pgs.
Contents:1. A New Approach to the Study of Permanent Magnets, 2. A Brief History of the Permanent Magnet, 3. Terms and Definitions, 4. Classification of Permanent Magnets and Materials, 5. Basic Manufacturing processes, 6. Fundmantals of magnetism, 7. General Design Considerations, 8. Leakage and Fringing, 9. Circuit Effects, 10. Exact Design Methods, 11. Environmental Effects, 12. Measurement and Testing, 13. Magnetization, Demagnetization, Stabilization and Calibration, 14. Mechanical Considerations, 15. Standards Specifications, and Purchasing, 16. Typical Circuits and Applications
Appendices: I. Demagnetization Curves, II. magnetic Properties Tables, III. Physical Properites Tables, IV. International Indix of Permanent Magnet Materials, V. Conversion Factors, VI. Standard Specification for Permanent Magnet Materials, VII. 1985 Mills, Distributor-Fabricators Magnetizers, Demagnetizers & Test Equipment
Keywords: Permanent magnets Handbooks, manuals, etc.
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