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Call number:SPRINGER-1986-9783642468902:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:COMPSTAT Proceedings in Computational Statistics, 7th Symposium held in Rome 1986
Size:1 online resource (513 p.)
Contents:1. Information Science and Statistics -- Information Science and Statistics -- Catastrophe Theory as a Tool for Statistical Analysis of Systems -- New Procedures for Generating Optimal Experimental Designs -- 2. Probabilistic Models
in Exploratory Data Analysis -- Some Guidelines for Principal Component Analysis -- Comparison of Least Squares with Least Absolute Deviation Forecasting Using Simulation Techniques -- Modeling the Reliability of Fault-Tolerant
Software Systems -- Computerized Exploratory Screening of Large-Dimensional Contingency Tables -- A Fast Algorithm for Some Exploratory Methods in Categorical Data Problems -- Easy to Generate Metrics for Use with Sampled Functions --
3. Computational Approach of Inference -- Sequential Inference Processes in Computational Aspects -- Variance Components as a Method for Routine Regression Analysis of Survey Data -- On the Assessment of Case Influence in Generalized
Linear Models -- 4. Numerical Aspects of Statistical Computations -- Algoritmic Development in Variable Selection Procedures -- Linear Models of Categorical Variables -- A Fast Algorithm for Curve Fitting -- Generalized Multiplicative
Models -- A Convenient Way of Computing ML-Estimates: Use of Automatic Differentiation -- On the Numerical Solutions of Bounded Influence Regression Problems -- Testing of Statistical Algorithms and Programs with the Help of the
Multivariate Sample, Having Described Values of Empirical Parameters -- 5. Three-Mode Data Matrices -- Analysis of Three-Way Data Matrices Based on Pairwise Relation Measures -- Factor Analysis of Evolution and Cluster Methods on
Trajectories -- 6. Cluster Analysis Methods and Algorithms -- Links Between Clustering and Assignment Procedures -- Identification of Linear Regression Models by a Clustering Algorithm -- Validity Tests in Cluster Analysis Using a
Probabilistic Teacher Algorithm -- New Kinds of Graphical Representation in Clustering -- Projection of an Acute Symmetrical Simplicial Closed Convex Cone and its Application to Star Graphs -- Design of a Command Language for
Interactive or Batch Use in a Statistical Package -- Cross Association Measures and Optimal Clustering -- 7. Robustness in Multivariate Analysis -- Multivariate Data Analysis, Contributions and Shortcomings of Robustness in Practice --
On the Use of Bootstrap and Jackknife in Covariance Structure Analysis -- On a Class of Robust Methods for Multivariate Data Analysis -- Robust Recursive Estimation and Detection of Shifts in Regression -- How Robust is One Way Anova
with Respect to within Group Correlation -- Algorithms for the Beta Distribution Function -- 8. Computer Graphics and Data Presentation -- An Interactive Graphic System for Designing and Accessing Statistical Data Bases -- Non-Standard
Graphical Presentation -- Computer Graphics and Data Presentation, a First Step Toward a Cognitive and Ergonomic Analysis -- 9. Expert Systems -- Expert Systems and Data Analysis Package Management -- Developing Intelligent Software
for Non-Linear Model Fitting as an Expert System -- Express — An Expert System Utilizing Standard Statistical Packages -- Muse: An Expert System in Statistics -- Building Expert Systems with the Help of Existing Statistical Software:
An Example -- Statistical Data Validation and Expert Systems -- Knowledge Base Supported Analysis of Longitudinal Data -- How to Assist an Inexperienced User in the Preliminary Analysis of Time Series: First Version of the Estes Expert
System -- Object-Oriented Data Representations for Statistical Data Analysis -- 10. Statistical Software -- Algorithms for the Beta Distribution Function -- Interactive User-Friendly Package for Design and Analysis of Experiments --
NL: A Statistical Package for General Nonlinear Regression Problems -- Statistical Software for Personal Computers -- Recursive Techniques in Statistical Programming -- Design Criteria for a Flexible Statistical Language -- Statistical
Software SAM — Sensitivity Analysis in Multivariate Methods -- 11. Data Handling and Computational Methods of Clinical Trials -- Data Handling and Computational Methods in Clinical Trials -- Database Assisted Conduct of Clinical Trials
-- An APL-System for Analysing Multivariate Data -- AMS — A Computer Program for Survival Analysis, General Linear Models and a Stochastic Survival Model -- 12. Econometric Computing -- A Multilingual Specification System for
Statistical Software -- An Efficient Algorithm for Time Series Decomposition -- 13. Statistical Data Base Management Systems -- Database Management and Statistical Data Analysis: The Need for Integration and for Becoming More
Intelligent -- Privacy, Informatics and Statistics -- Italian Statistical Data Dictionary System Prototype Developed with a 4th Generation Language -- A Methodology for Conceptual Design of Statistical Databases -- Towards Natural
Integration of Database Management System and Statistical Software -- Easy-Link: An Expert Natural Language Interface to a Statistical Data Bank -- Farandole: A RDBMS for Statistical Data Analysis -- Model- and Method Banks (MMB) as a
Supplement to Statistical Data Banks -- A Security Mechanism Based on Uniform Rounding to prevent Tracker Techniques -- 14. Teaching of Computational Statistics -- A Data Analysis Course in a Computer Science Faculty -- Teaching
Computational Statistics on Workstations -- Teaching Regression Analysis Using MIMOSA — an Interactive Computer System for Matrix Calculus -- Late Arrivals -- Practical Use of Color Imagin in Automatic Classification -- Algorithm and
Software of Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Heterogeneous Data -- Adress-List of Authors
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Statistics , Business , Management science , Operations research , Decision making , Business mathematics , Statistics , Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance , Business Mathematics , Operation Research/Decision Theory , Business and Management, general
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Call number:SPRINGER-1981-9781461394648:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Computer Science and Statistics: Proceedings of the 13th Symposium on the Interface
Size:1 online resource (378 p.)
Contents:Keynote Address -- Statistical Theory and the Computer -- Automated Edit and Imputation -- Developing an Edit System for Industry Statistics -- Design of Experiments to Investigate Joint Distributions in Microanalytic Simulations --
Descriptive Statistics Used in Monitoring Edit and Imputation Processes -- Do Statistical Packages Have a Future? -- The Effect of Personal Computers on Statistical Practice -- Statistical Software Design and Scientific Breakthrough:
Some Reflections on the Future -- Some Thoughts on Expert Software -- Fourier Transforms in Applied Statistics -- How Fast is the Fourier Transform? -- Polynomial Time Algorithms for Obtaining Permutation Distributions -- Efficient
Estimation for the Stable Laws -- Algorithms and Statistics -- Applications of Statistics to Applied Algorithm Design -- Algorithms with Random Input -- Recent Results on the Average Time Behavior of Some Algorithms in Computational
Geometry -- Genuinely Statistical Methods in the Theory of Algorithms -- Pattern Recognition -- Applications of Pattern Recognition Methods to Hydrologic Time Series -- Recent Advances in Bump Hunting -- Pattern Recognition in the
Context of an Asbestos Cancer Threshold Study -- Histologic Patterns and Random Chromatic Graphs -- Volume Testing of Statistical Programs -- Volume Testing of Statistical/Database Software -- Scientific Information Retrieval
(SIR/DBMS) -- Volume Testing of Statistical Software — The Statistical Analysis System (SAS) -- Solving Complex Database Problems in P-STAT -- Volume Testing of SPSS -- Volume Testing of Statistical Systems -- Random Number Generation
-- In Search of Correlation in Multiplicative Congruential Generators with Modulus 231 — 1 -- Portability Considerations for Random Number Generators -- Generating Discrete Random Variables in the Computer -- Generation of Random
Variables by Thinning of Poisson Processes -- Understanding Time Series Analysis -- Recent Developments in Spectrum and Harmonic Analysis -- On Some Numerical Properties of ARMA Parameter Estimation Procedures -- Time Series Recursions
and Self-Tuning Control -- Measurement and Evaluation of Software -- On Measurement and Evaluation of Software: A View from the Chair -- Can Statistical Methods Help Solve Problems in Software Measurement? -- Measuring the Performance
of Computer Software — A Dual Role for Statisticians -- Software Metrics: Paradigms and Processes -- A Proposal for Structural Models of Software Systems -- Software Metrics: A Key to Improved Software Development Management --
Orthogonalization: An Alternative to Sweep -- Orthogonalization-Triangularization Methods in Statistical Computati ons -- Research Data Base Management -- Simple Query Language Requirements for Research Data Management -- Data Editing
on Large Data Sets -- Data Archiving: A New(?) Set of Problems for Research Data Management Systems -- Graphical Methods and Their Software -- Census Bureau Statistical Graphics -- Mosaics for Contingency Tables -- The Use of Kinematic
Displays to Represent High Dimensional Data -- Contributed Papers -- Order Statistics and an Experiment in Software Design -- Further Approximation to the Distributions of Some Transformations to the Sample Correlation Coefficient --
Using Linear Programming to Find Approximate Solutions to the Fields to Impute Problem for Industry Data -- Using Computer-Binned Data for Density Estimation -- On the Nonconsistency of Maximum Likelihood Nonparametric Density
Estimators -- Computer Program for Krishnaiah’s Finite Intersection Tests for Multiple Comparisons of Mean Vectors -- Approximating the Log of the Normal Cumulative -- A Kth Nearest Neighbour Clustering Procedure -- Interactive
Statistical Graphics: Breaking Away -- Interactive Graphical Analysis for Multivariate Data -- SLANG, A Statistical Language for Descriptive Time Series Analysis -- On the Parameter Estimation in Queueing Theory -- Statistical
Computation with a Microcomputer -- On the Exact Distribution of Geary’s U-Statistic and its Application to Least Squares Regression -- Exposure to the Risk of an Accident: The Canadian Department of Transport National Driving Survey
and Data Analysis System, 1978-79 -- CONCOR: An Edit and Automatic Correction Package -- BGRAPH: A Program for Biplot Multivariate Graphics -- MONCOR--A Program to Compute Concordant and Other Monotone Correlations -- Computer
Offerings for Statistical Graphics--An Overview -- Computing Percentiles of Large Data Sets -- A Self-Describing Data File Structure for Large Data Sets -- Nonlinear Estimation Using a Microcomputer -- Statistical Procedures for Low
Dose Extrapolation of Quanta! Response Toxicity Data -- An Economic Design of Y-Charts with Warning Limits to Control Non-Normal Process Means -- Prior Probabilities, Maximal Posterior, and Minimal Field Error Localization
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Mathematics , Probabilities , Statistics , Mathematics , Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes , Statistics, general
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Call number:QA76.9.MO4B69::2013 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Microsoft Outlook 2013 plain & simple
Author(s): Jim Boyce
Publisher:Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly Media
Size:273 p.
Series:Plain & simple.
Keywords: Microsoft Outlook. , Business Computer programs. , Electronic mail systems. , Time management Computer programs. , Personal information management Computer programs. , Computers and IT
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Call number:QA76.9.MO4.C36::2007 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Outlook 2007 : Beyond the manual
Author(s): Tony (George Anthony) Campbell
Jonathan Hassell
Publisher:New York : Apress
Size:214 p
Keywords: Personal information management Computer programs , Electronic mail systems , Time management Computer programs
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