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Title:Three-dimensional integrated circuit design: EDA, design and microarchitectures
Author(s): Yuan Xie
Jason Cong
Sachin S. Sapatnekar
Publisher:New York: Springer Verlag
Size:284 p
Contents:3D Process Technology Considerations. -- Thermal and Power Delivery Challenges in 3D Integrated Circuits. -- Thermal-Aware 3D Floorplan. -- Thermal-Aware 3D Placement. -- Thermal Via Insertion and Thermally-aware Routing in 3D ICs. -- 3D Microprocesso r Design. -- 3D Network-on-chip Architecture. -- PicoServer, Using 3D Stacking Technology To Build Energy Efficient Servers. -- System Level 3D IC Cost Analysis and Design Exploration
Series:Integrated circuits and systems.
Keywords: Three-dimensional integrated circuits Design and construction.
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Call number:SPRINGER-2003-9783642557538:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Mathematics — Key Technology for the Future Joint Projects between Universities and Industry
Size:1 online resource (732 p.)
Contents:I. Motors, Vehicles -- Synthesis of Automotive Cams Using Multiple Shooting-SQP Methods for Constrained Optimization -- Numerical Optimization of Scavenging in Two-Stroke Engines with Transfer Ducts, an Exhaust Port and a Moving
Piston -- A Numerical Tool for Flow Simulation in a Wankel Motor -- An Efficient Navier-Stokes Solver for Automotive Aerodynamics -- Numerical Simulation of Exhaust Systems in Car Industry — Efficient Calculation of Radiation Heat
Transfer -- Combinatorial Optimization Techniques for Three-Dimensional Arrangement Problems -- Simulation of Test-drives of Automobiles at Driving Limit -- An Optimal Control Approach To Real-Time Vehicle Guidance -- Theoretical and
Experimental Studies of an S-Catamaran -- II. Environmental Technology -- Robust Error Estimators for Interface Problems Occuring in Transport Processes in Porous Media -- Modelling and Simulation of a Planned Bio-Chemical in situ
Remediation -- Influence of Surfactants on Spreading of Contaminants and Soil Remediation -- Improvement of Environment Observing Remote Sensing Devices by Regularization Techniques -- III. Flow, Transport and Reactions in
Technological Processes -- Stability Analysis for Reactors from Chemical Industry -- Heterogeneous Dynamic Process Flowsheet Simulation of Chemical Plants -- Numerical Simulation of Annular Chromatography -- Numerical Methods for
Parameter Estimation in Bingham-Fluids -- A Viscoelastic Turbulence Model Based on Renormalization Group Theory -- Modelling and Simulation of Capacitor Impulse Welding -- Analysis of Transport Processes for Layered Porous Materials
Used in Industrial Applications -- Modelling and Numerical Simulation of District Heating Networks with Time-Saving Solution Methods -- Sensitivity and Robustness Analysis for Construction and Monitoring of Tubine-Generator Shafts --
IV. Optics and Sensors -- Adaptive Multigrid Methods for the Vectorial Maxwell Eigenvalue Problem for Optical Waveguide Design -- Direct and Inverse Problems for Diffractive Structures — Optimization of Binary Gratings -- Computation
of Electromagnetic Fields for a Humidity Sensor -- V. Crystal Growth, Semiconductors -- Simulation of Industrial Crystal Growth by the Vertical Bridgman Method -- Numerical Simulation and Control of Industrial Crystal Growth Processes
-- Optimal Control of Sublimation Growth of SiC Crystals -- Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Semiconductor Detectors -- Optimal Design of High Power Electronic Devices by Topology Optimization -- Modelling and
Simulation of Strained Quantum Wells in Semiconductor Lasers -- VI. Electronic Circuits -- Efficient Analysis of Oscillatory Circuits -- Modelling and Simulation of Power Devices for High-Voltage Integrated Circuits -- Finding
Beneficial DAE Structures in Circuit Simulation -- CHORAL — a Charge-Oriented Algorithm for the Numerical Integration of Electrical Circuits -- VII. Tomography, Image Analysis and Visualisation -- Reconstructing Crystalline Structures
from Few Images Under High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy -- Measurement of Paint Layer Thickness with Photothermal Infrared Radiometry -- Spatio-Temporal Current Density Reconstruction from EEG-/MEG-Data -- Signal
Correction in NMR Spectroscopy -- On Scattering of Ultrasonic Waves -- Smoothing of Tomographic Data and Hybrid Volume-Surface Visualisation -- Video Coding with Adaptive Vector Quantization and Rate Distortion Optimization -- VIII.
Statistical Methods in Medical Applications -- The Application of Statistical Methods of Meta-Analysis for Heterogeneity Modelling in Medicine and Pharmacy, Psychology, Quality Control and Assurance -- An Application for the Analysis
of Human Tremor Time-Series -- IX. Optimization in Design and Production -- Free Material Optimization -- Automatic Layout and Labelling of State Diagrams -- Optimization Problems in a Semi-Automatic Device for Cutting Leather --
Stochastic Programming for Power Production and Trading Under Uncertainty -- Scheduling Scarce Resources in Chemical Engineering -- X. Optimization in Traffic and Communication -- Duty Scheduling in Public Transit -- Rotation Planning
for the Continental Service of a European Airline -- Computer Aided Scheduling of Switching Engines -- Train Schedule Optimization in Public Rail Transport -- An Integrated Planning Approach for Cellular Radio Networks -- Author Index
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Mathematics , Chemometrics , Computer graphics , Computer mathematics , Visualization , Statistics , Applied mathematics , Engineering mathematics , Mathematics , Computational Science and Engineering , Visualization , Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering , Math. Applications in Chemistry , Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics , Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine, Health Sciences
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