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Call number:SPRINGER-2009-9780387746425:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:The Mathematical Coloring Book [electronic resource] Mathematics of Coloring and the Colorful Life of its Creators
Author(s): Alexander Soifer
Publisher:New York, NY : Springer New York
Size:1 online resource
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Note:Springer 2013 e-book collections
Note:I have never encountered a book of this kind. The best description of it I can give is that it is a mystery novel I found it hard to stop reading before I finished (in two days) the whole text. Soifer engages the reader'sattention not only mathematic ally, but emotionally and esthetically. May you enjoy the book as much as I did! Branko Grnbaum University of Washington You are doing great service to the community by taking care of the past, so thethings are better understood in the future. Stanislaw P . Radziszowski, Rochester Institute of Technology They [Van der Waerdens sections] meet the highest standards of historical scholarship. Charles C. Gillispie, PrincetonUniversity You have dug up a great deal of information my compliments! Dirk van Dalen, Utrecht University I have just finished reading your (second) article in search of van der Waerden. It is a masterpiece, I could not stopreading it... Congratulations! Janos Pach, Courant Institute of Mathematics Mathematical Coloring Book will (we can h ope) have a great and salutary influence on all writing on mathematics in the future. Peter D. JohnsonJr., Auburn University Just now a postman came to the door with a copy of the masterpiece of the century. I thank you and the mathematics community shoul d thank you for years to come. You have set a standard for writing aboutmathematics and mathematicians that will be hard to match. Harold W. Kuhn, Princeton University The beautiful and unique Mathematical coloring book of Alexander Soifer is another case of ``good mathematics'' and presentingmathematics as both a science and an art It is difficult to explain how much beautiful and good mathematics is included and how much wisdom about life is given. Peter Mihk, Mathematical Reviews
Note:Springer eBooks
Contents:Epigraph: To Paint a Bird by Jacques Prvert
Foreword by Branko Grnbaum
Foreword by Peter D. Johnson Jr
Foreword by Cecil Rousseau
Greetings to the Reader
A Story of Colored Polygons and Arithmetic Progressions
Colored Plane: Chromatic Number of the Plane
Chromatic Number of the Plane: The Problem
Chromatic Number of the Plane: An Historical Essay
Polychromatic Number of the Plane & Results near the Lower Bound
De Bruijn
Erdos Reduction to Finite Sets & Results near the Lower Bound
Polychromatic Number of the Plane & Results near the Upper
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Keywords: Mathematics , Combinatorics , Mathematics_$xHistory , Logic, Symbolic and mathematical
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Call number:SPRINGER-2003-9781441989079:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Coherence and Quantum Optics VIII Proceedings of the Eighth Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics, held at the University of Rochester, June 13–16, 2001
Size:1 online resource (710 p.)
Contents:The Early Days of Quantum Optics in France -- Early History of Bell’s Theorem -- Cavity QED with Strong Coupling — Toward the Deterministic Control of Quantum Dynamics -- Fast and Slow Light -- Controlling Quantum Rotation with Light
-- Retrodictive Quantum Optics -- Spontaneous Intrinsic Decoherence in Two and Three Slits Young Interference Experiments -- All Optical Formation of a Bose Einstein Condensate -- Faster-than-Light Propagations and Their Applications
-- Beyond Diffraction Limit in Optical Lithography via Quantum Entanglement -- “Stopping” of Light and Quantum Memories for Photons -- Quantum Aspects of Imaging -- Polarization Dynamics of a Two-Photon Laser -- Atomic Clocks and Cold
Atom Scattering -- Manipulating Entanglement with Atoms and Photons in a Box -- Taming Light with Cold Atoms: Light at Bicycle Speed … and Slower Yet! -- Dark Resonances in Solids for Quantum Computing and Slow Light -- Quantum Dot
Single Photon Source -- Coherenceand Collective Behavior in Bose-Einstein Condensates -- Sub-Diffraction-Limited Resolution with Squeezed Light -- Fiber Generated Quantum Correlations for Quantum-Optical Communications -- JC Photons in
Frequency Continua: Exact Solution and Quantum Features -- A Bose Einstein Condensate of Metastable Helium Atoms -- Quantum Interferometry with Fiber Solitons — A direct Experimental Test of Non-Separability -- Nonlinear Atom Optics:
Bosons vs Fermions -- Instability, Area Quantization, and Area Gaps in Cavity-Accelerated Superradiant Atom-Cavity Systems -- Multitime Coherent Spectroscopies of Complex Molecules: From Infrared to X-Ray -- Wave-Particle Correlations
of Non-Classical Light -- Real-Time Control of Atomic Motion Using Feedback -- Single Atomsand Single Photons in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics -- Nontrivial Analogies Between Quantum Optics and Bose-Einstein Condensation --
Hyperentanglement in Parametric Down-Conversion -- Coherencein an Optically Trapped Fermi Gas -- Generation of Photon Number States by Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics -- Superluminal Light Pulse Propagation at a Negative Group Velocity
-- Decoherence of Trapped-Atom Motional State Superpositions -- Recent Advances in Teleportation of Entanglement and in Fullerene Interference -- Nonclassical, Two-Photon Interferometry and Lithography with High-Gain Optical Parametric
Amplifiers -- Simultaneous Quantum State Measurement Using Array Detection -- Quantum Positioning System -- High-Frequency, Time-Domain, Optical Homodyne Tomography -- Coherent Control of Atoms in an Optical Lattice -- Photoionization
of Bose-Einstein Condensates -- Quantum Noise in Coupled Atomic and Molecular Bose-Einstein Condensates -- Cavity-QED with a Single Ion -- Superradiance in Photonic Crystals -- Temporal and Spatial Coherence Properties of Nonstationary
Polychromatic Light Sourcesin One-Dimensional Photonic Band-Gap Structures -- Effectof measurements of Collective Observables on a Single Atom -- Experimental Demonstration of Wave Chaos in a Conventional Optical Resonator -- Bell
State Preparation Using Pulsed Non-Degenerate Two-Photon Entanglement -- Efficient collection of Polarization-Entangled Photons on Type-II Parametric Down Conversion -- A Stochastic Map for Qubit Decoherence -- Fighting Decoherence
with Pointer Engineering -- Uncertainty Relations Associated with Correlations in Mixed Quantum States -- Observation of Gouy Scars in Optical Wave Chaos -- Adiabatic Wavepacket Propagation -- Squeezing Light in Linear Dispersive
Dielectrics -- Intensity-Field and Intensity-Intensity Correlations in a Strongly Coupled Cavity QED System -- Separation Approach for Jaynes-Cummings Model in Multi-Level Atom -- Ion Coulomb-Crystals: A Medium for Storage of Quantum
States of Light? -- Chaotic Walking of a Cold Atom in an Ideal Cavity -- Feedback with Conditional Measurements in Cavity QED -- Effects of Decoherence on Entangled Atomic Wave Functions in Microcavities -- Fiber Generated Quantum
Correlations for Quantum-Optical Communications -- Bloch-Siegert Oscillation for Detection and Quantum Teleportation of the Phase of an Oscillating Field -- Two-Photon Diffraction and Quantum Lithography -- Suppressing Decoherence and
Heating with Quantum “Bang-Bang” Controls -- Entanglement Disentangled by Spacetime Vortices -- Atomic Inversion for an Atom Coupledto a Squeezed Vacuum in a Coherently Driven Cavity -- Quantization of the Field in Dielectrics --
Quantum Optical Effects Across a Metallic Film -- Coupled Interferometer Scheme for Generating Maximally Entangled Photonic States -- Enhanced Second-Harmonic Generation Due to a Local-Field Effect -- Nonclassical Behaviours of Optical
Field in Photoncs Band Gaps Structures -- The Photon Modeland Non-Hermitean Modes -- Induced Coherence without Induced Emission in Parametric Down-Conversion -- Correlation Functions, Measurement Operators, and Conditioned Atomic
States in Resonance Fluorescence with Spectral Resolution -- Quantum Algebras for Quantum Optics -- A Delayed-Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment -- Delayed Single-Photon Self-Interference — A Double Slit Experiment in the Time Domain --
Retrodiction with Two-Level Atoms: Atomic Previvals and Micromaser Field Measurements -- Measurements of the Geometric Phase of First-Order Optical Gaussian Beams -- Fresnel Diffraction of Circular Apertures Illuminated with
Partially-Coherent Light: Cross Spectral Density Propagation -- Radiation Forces Produced by Non-Paraxial Beam Trapping -- Measurement of the Polarization-Induced Asymmetry in Focal Spots -- Partially Coherent Imaging Through
Turbulence with an All-Optical Adaptive-Optics System -- Interrelation Between Spatial and Temporal Reciprocity Inequalities of Partially-Coherent Beams -- Ultra-Sensitive Autocorrelation of 1.5 ?um Light with a Photon-Counting Silicon
Avalanche Photodiode -- A New Phase Space Product for Light Beams of Any State of Coherence -- Spectral Changes in Focused Partially Coherent Wave Fields -- Nonachromaticity and Reversals of Topological Phase as a Function of
Wavelength -- The Law of Conservation of Radiance is a Consequence of the Partial Coherence of the Optical Field -- Application of Modal Theory of Coherence for Nonstationary Partially Coherent Optical Fields -- Photonic
Electro-Magnetic Resonance -- Partially Coherent Volume Diffraction -- Inverse Diffractive Optics: Asymptotic Technique for Light of Any State of Coherence -- Demonstration of a Coherent Thermal Source -- Image Reconstruction in Scalar
Wave Optics -- High Depth of Field Microscopy with an Interferometric Imaging System -- On the Nonlinear Orbital Motion of the Driven Two-Photon Jaynes-Cummings Model -- Jaynes-Cummings Model with Moving Phased Atoms -- Dynamics of Two
Atoms Coupled to a Cavity Field -- Pattern Formation, Localization and Coherent Structures in Nonlinear Wave Dynamics -- Stochastic Simulations and Discreteness of Light -- From the Ordinary Threshold Regime to Ideal Thresholdless
Lasing -- Criticality and Dynamics of Quantum Fluctuations in an OPO -- Quantum Deflection of Ultracold Atoms by Ideal Mirrors -- Spontaneous Emission Near Metal-Coated Dielectric Cylindrical Structures -- Time-Frequency Wigner
Function of Ultrashort Light Pulses -- Rotation Angle of the Wigner Distribution Function of the Partially Coherent Fractional Fourier Field -- Quasiclassical Calculations of Wigner Functions in Nonlinear Dynamics via Wavelets --
Quantum Correlations in a Passive Nonlinear Optical Fiber Resonator -- Time Asymmetry in Measurements Based on Photoelectric Detection -- Photon Correlations in the Homodyne Detection of Squeezed Light -- Rigorous Analysis of Homodyne
Detection -- Joint Quantum Measurement Using Unbalanced Array Detection -- A New View of Bell’s Inequalities -- An Experiment for Testing de Broglie-Bohm Theory Against Standard Quantum Mechanics -- Bell’s Inequalities for Multiphoton
States -- Testing Bell Inequalities in Photonic Crystals -- On the Detection of Single Mode Quantum Coherence at Optical Frequencies -- Soliton Interaction Control in Coherently Excited Three-Level System Embedded in a Nonlinear
Waveguide -- Nonexponential Decoherence of Coherent State Superposition in Degenerate Optical Parametric Amplifier -- Decoherence Control by Homodyne-Mediated Feedback -- QuantumControl of Population Inversion in the Presence of
Spontaneous Emission -- Decoherenceof a Trapped Ion: The Combined Effect of the Micromotion and the Stray Fields on the Fidelity of Motional States -- Coherent Control of the Excitation Routes in Four-Wave Mixing with Rdyberg Levels --
Cold Collision Control in Cavity QED -- Wave Packet Control in the Fourier Time Basis -- VacuumNoise in Presence of Atoms -- Quantum Interference Effect in Molecular Systems -- Lighting a Dark State by Shaping of Light-Induced
Potentials -- Dynamical Creation of Entanglement by Feedback -- State-Selective Phase Control of Molecular Wave Packets in Two Electronic States -- Quasimodes and Pseudomodes in Structured Reservoirs -- Pulse Generationin Vibrating
Cavities -- New Ultra-Bright Source of Entangled Photons -- Source of Photon-Number-Squeezed Light with Adjustable Level of Squeezing -- High-Visibility Two-Photon Interference in Femtosecond Pulse Pumped Type-II SPDC -- Four Photon
Entanglement from Parametric Down Conversion -- Observation of Time-Dependent Inhibited Spontaneous Emission -- Conditional Coherence via Phase-Sensitive Post-Selection -- Quantum Descriptions of Light Propagation in a Parametric
Amplifier -- Higher Order Photon Statistics of Intracavity Second Harmonic Generation -- Observation of Nonclassical Photon Statistics in Two-Photon Interference -- Demonstration of the Complementarity on One- and Two-Photon
Interference -- The Role of Hyperentanglement in Quantum Interferometry -- Eliminating Frequency and Space-Time Entanglement in Multi-Photon States -- OPO in Transverse Degenerate Cavities: Multimode Operation and Spatial Quantum E
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Physics , Quantum physics , Atomic structure , Molecular structure , Spectra , Electrical engineering , Materials science , Physics , Quantum Physics , Atomic/Molecular Structure and Spectra , Electrical Engineering , Characterization and Evaluation of Materials , Physics, general
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Call number:SPRINGER-1996-9781475797428:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Coherence and Quantum Optics VII Proceedings of the Seventh Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics, held at the University of Rochester, June 7–10, 1995
Size:1 online resource (737 p.)
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Physics , Acoustics , Optics , Electrodynamics , Optoelectronics , Plasmons (Physics) , Complexity, Computational , Electrical engineering , Physics , Optics, Optoelectronics, Plasmonics and Optical Devices , Optics and Electrodynamics , Electrical Engineering , Acoustics , Complexity
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Call number:SPRINGER-1989-9781461308478:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Coherence and Quantum Optics VI Proceedings of the Sixth Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics held at the University of Rochester, June 26–28, 1989
Size:1 online resource (1348 p.)
Contents:Emission Frequency of a Homogeneously Broadened Laser Operating below Threshold -- Dynamics of the NH3 FIR Laser and the Lorenz Model -- Quantum Theory of Interaction of a Resonant Field with a Nonlinear Medium Modelled as an
Anharmonic Oscillator -- Quantum Effects in Light Propagation through a Nonlinear Medium -- Cooperative Modulation Instability in Dispersive Nonlinear Media -- Large Scale Transverse Interactions in Nonlinear Optical System with
2D-Feedback Generation, Hysteresis and Interaction of Wave Structures -- Single-Atom Cavity-Enhanced Absorption: Steady-State Field in the Strong-Coupling Limit -- Quantum Theory of Multiwave Mixing in a Squeezed Vacuum -- Measuring
the Wigner Angle with a Parametric Amplifier -- Delayed Bifurcations in a CO2 Laser with a Slowly Swept Pump -- Experimental Characterization of Shil’nikov Chaos by Statistics of Return Times -- Determination of a Small Photon Number
by Statistical Amplifying Transients -- Progress in Modelling Coherently Pumped Far-Infrared Laser Dynamics -- Extraordinary Behavior of Atoms near a Phase Conjugator -- Squeezed Light Generation with an Incoherent Pump -- Three Wave
Mixing for Multimode Beams -- Dimensionality Studies of Chaotic Attractors in Laser with Injected Signal -- Applications of the Optical Phase Operator -- Classically Chaotic Near-Classical Microwave Ionization -- Angular Correlations
of Bosons and Fermions -- The Physics of Stored Laser Cooled Ion Clusters: Phase Transitions in a System with only a Few Degrees of Freedom -- Theory of the Two-Photon Laser: Cross-Correlation and Laser Thresholds -- Nonclassical
Photon Correlations in Cavity QED -- Silicon Avalanche Photodetectors for Quantum Optics Experiments: Sub-Geiger Performance -- Comparisons of Two Theories of Scattering from Quasi-Homogeneous Media -- Photon-Number Distributions for
Number-State Homodyne Photomixing at a Lossless Beam Splitter -- Models and Approximations for Instabilities in Standing-Wave Lasers -- Near Threshold Behavior of Multimode CW Dye Lasers with an Amplitude Modulated Pump -- Radiation
Theory for Two-Photon Processes -- Behavior of a Ring Laser with Injected Signal near Threshold -- Optical Manifestations of Berry’s Topological Phase: Classical and Quantum Aspects -- Theory and Photon Statistics of a Free Electron
Laser -- Investigation of ? Phase Jumps in a Ring Laser -- Phase Fluctuation and Damping in Two-Level Optical Resonance -- Relaxation Problems and Lifetimes in Nonlinear Optical Systems -- Optical Systems Driven by Inputs with Reduced
Intensity Fluctuations: A Possible Master Equation Approach -- QED of a Two-Level Atom and Photodetection -- Competion between Counter-Propagating Waves in Laser Dynamics -- Nonlinear Dynamics of a Laser Containing A Modulated
Saturable Absorber -- Transition from Classical “Maxwell-Boltzmann” to Quantum, “Bose-Einstein” Partition Statistics by Stochastic Splitting of Degenerate Light -- Strong Photon Localization in Microcavity Stimulated Emission --
Optical Experiments Illustrating the Significance of the Bell Inequalities -- High Intensity Effects in Raman Scattering -- Fluctuation Interferometer as High Angular-Resolution Sensor of Laser Illumination -- Self-Observation and
Self-Referral in Lasers: An Analysis of the Transition from Quantum to Classical Behavior -- Mode-Locked Superfluorescence -- The Wigner Function of Two-Mode Squeezed States Free and Dissipative Evolution -- Coherent Scattering of
Light in an Aharonov-Bohm Geometry -- Bloch Electrons in Coherent Light: A New Type of Renormalization -- Coherent Population Trapping and Its Effects on Light-Induced Drift -- Stochastic Resonance in Bistable Systems -- Spontaneous
and Induced Emission of Soft Bosons: Exact Non-Markovian Solutions -- Coherence and Interference in Photoionization of a Rydberg Atom -- Photon Antibunching in Spontaneous Emission from Two Nonidentical Atoms -- Excitation into a
Quasicontinuum by a Fluctuating Laser Field -- Stimulated Photon Echo Induced by Broad-Bandwidth Pulses -- Scattering of Electromagnetic Fields of Any State of Coherence from Fluctuating Media -- Local and Global Bifurcations of
Optically-Pumped Three-Level Lasers -- A New Test of Bell’s Inequality Using Optical Interference -- Soliton Collisions for Quantum Non-Demolition Measurement of Photon Number: The QND Soliton Interferometer -- A Semiclassical Theory
of Ultrafast Pump-Probe Spectroscopy: Visualization and Interpretation of Experiment -- Elimination of the Dynamics of the Rotational Levels in a Four-Level CO2 Laser Model -- Quantum Statistical Properties of Optical Phase Conjugation
-- Universal Normal-Form Description of Squeezing in Two-Photon Processes -- Microwave Excitation and Ionization of H Atoms at High Scaled Frequencies: Comparisons of Experiments and Theories -- Spectral Changes in Light Propagation
from a Class of Partially Coherent Sources -- Phase-Sensitive Light Amplifiers in Stellar Interferometry -- Using Modulation Response to Determine Dynamical Parameters and Appropriate Models for Single-Mode Lasers -- Squeezed Light and
the Single Atom -- Atomic Coherent States, Phase Transitions and Squeezing from Rydberg Atoms -- Saturation Behavior of Parametric Four-Wave Mixing Due to Two-Photon Interference Effect -- Bistability and Chaos in Counterpropagating
Laser Beams -- Experimental Study of Two-Photon Rabi Oscillations -- Manifestation of Berry’s Phase in Parametric Amplifiers -- Photo-Dynamics of a Single Trapped Three-Level Ion -- Atoms in Cavities -- Optical Correlation Functions
and Squeezing in the Jaynes-Cummings Model -- Higher Order Squeezing of Thermal Radiation through Parametric Amplification -- Some Modal Expansions of Partially Coherent Fields -- Two-Photon Transition Driven by Parametrically
Down-Converted Light: A Linear Intensity Dependence -- Quantum Noise Initiated Mode-Hopping in Semiconductor Lasers -- Measurement of the Effect of Resonant Light Pressure on the Dispersion Curve of a Gas of Two- Level Atoms --
Detection of Decay Processes and Cavity Fields by Means of Quantum-Jump Statistics -- Diffracting Atoms from Evanescent Light Fields -- Production of a (Phase) Random Telegraph Field -- Composite Materials for Nonlinear Optics: Theory
and Experiment -- Test of the Linearity of Quantum Mechanics by RF Spectroscopy of the 9BE+ Ground State -- Gain Noise in Dye Lasers -- Sum and Difference Squeezing -- Excitation of Three-State Atom with Minimum Population of
Intermediate State -- Self-Focusing Limitations on Squeezed State Generation in Two-Level Media -- Observations of Sub-Poisson and Poisson Photon Statistics from the Fluorescence of Individual Barium Atoms -- Enhancement of
Antibunching in Second Harmonic Generation -- Phase-Dependent Lineshape in Multiple Pump-Probe Interactions -- Comparison of Lorenz-Like Laser Behavior with the Lorenz Model -- Atom-Photon Interaction Modified by a Microwave Cavity --
Influence of the Local Oscillator on Homodyne Detection of Squeezed Vacuum -- Sensitivity to Initial Conditions in Classical and Quantum Dynamics -- Quantum Optics of Single, Trapped Ions -- Generation, Detection and Applications of
Sub-Poissonian Light -- The Spectrum of Radiation from a Moving Source of Any State of Coherence -- Intermittency and Chaos in Intracavity Doubled Lasers -- Rectification of the Light Pressure Force Acting on a Three-State Atom --
Optical Second-Harmonic Generation from Jellium. The Collective-Mode Pattern Studied Via the Nonlinear Energy Reflection Coefficient -- Squeezing in Two-Photon Optical Bistability and Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing -- Metric-Perturbed
Shifts in Superradiant States -- Optical Second-Harmonic Generation and Rectification in a Superconductor with Cooper-Pairing -- Optical Spectra of a Strongly Coupled System of Atoms in a Cavity Driven by Squeezed Light -- The
Squeezing of Fock and Thermal Field States -- Dissipative Quantum Dynamics in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics -- Scaling of Spontaneous Emission and Intermolecular Interactions in a Dielectric Medium Using Polaritons -- Excited-State
Relaxation Dynamics in a Continuous Wave Dye Laser -- Temporal Instabilities and Chaos in Photorefractive Four-Wave Mixing -- Diagrammatic Methods for Nonlinear Response of a System Dressed by Resonant External Fields -- Spatial
Quantum Fluctuations in Stimulated Raman Scattering -- Field-Matter Interactions in Photonic Bandgaps -- Detection of Squeezed Light by Coherently Superposed Detector States -- Analysis of Super-Gaussian Statistics of N-Harmonic Fields
by Nonlinear Gaussian Expansions -- Transient Squeezing and Time-Dependent Spectra of a Strongly Driven Three-Level Atom Undergoing Quantum Jumps -- Delayed Feedback Acting as Noise to Induce Phase Transitions -- Spectral Analysis for
the Coherence Collapsed Diode Laser -- On the Analogy between Electrons and Light -- Population Trapping Effect for System with Double Autoionizing Levels -- Information Performance for a Binary Channel with Photoncounting Detection --
Heterodyne Spectrum of the Fluorescence from Optical Molasses -- An Infinite Ladder Coupled to a Quantum Mode An Exactly Solvable Quantum Model -- Super-Regenerative Laser Receiver -- Very High Order Harmonic Conversion of an Intense
YAG Laser Radiation in Rare Gases -- Spatially-Localized Two-Particle Interference at a Beam Splitter -- Comparative Study of Various Quasiprobability Distributions in a Two-Photon Correlated-Emission Laser -- Quantum Theory of
Two-Photon Correlated-Spontaneous-Emission Lasers: Exact Atom-Field Interaction Hamiltonian Approach -- Nonlinear Dynamics of Raman Lasers in the Good and Bad Cavity Limit -- A Monte Carlo Study of Superradiance -- Polarization
Dynamics in a Quasi-Isotropic Laser -- Understanding Squeezed States and Their Detection Using the Schrodinger Picture. -- Para-Bose Squeezed States -- Measurements, Dynamics and State Preparation in a Micromaser -- Preparation of
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Physics , Optics , Optoelectronics , Plasmons (Physics) , Electrical engineering , Physics , Optics, Optoelectronics, Plasmonics and Optical Devices , Electrical Engineering
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Call number:SPRINGER-1977-9781468481037:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Laser Interaction and Related Plasma Phenomena Volume 4A
Size:1 online resource (661 p.)
Contents:of Volume 4A -- I. Lasers for Fusion -- Fusion Laser Development at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory -- Powerful 12-Channel Laser Installation “Delfin” for Spherical Heating of Thermonuclear Targets -- Advanced Laser Technology for
Laser-Induced Fusion Applications -- Laser Damage Phenomenology in Materials -- Verdet Constants near 450 nm in Ho3+ Doped Soda Glass -- Prospects of the High Power Iodine Laser -- Terawatt Iodine Laser -- CO2 Laser Systems for Fusion
Experiments -- Recent Developments in High Power CO2 Laser Mode-Locking and Pulse Selection -- CO2 Laser-Plasma Interaction Studies at NRC-Canada -- Direct Nuclear Pumped Lasers - Status and Potential Applications -- II. X-Ray and
Gamma-Ray Lasers -- Progress on X-Ray Laser Research -- On the Feasibility of Grasers -- Kinetics of Stimulated Emission in Neutron-Pumped Nuclear Laser Systems -- Nuclear Techniques for Directed Emission and Switched Operation of
Grasers -- Possibility of Grasers Using Nuclear Excitation by Electron Transition -- III. Targets -- Cryogenic Microshell Pellets and Other Advanced Targets for Laser Fusion -- Tritium Handling and the Preparation of DT-Containing
Micro-Targets for Laser Fusion Experiments -- High-Temperature High-Quality Deuterium Plasma Production by Laser Beams and Interactions with Magnetic Fields -- The Production of Solid Hydrogen Isotope Pellets, Their Interaction with
Lasers and the Problem of Filling Magnetic Confinement Configurations with Laser-Produced Plasmas -- IV. Moderate Intensities -- The Physics of Laser-Plasma Interaction in Gaseous Targets -- The Broadening of the Lyman Lines in a
Laser- Produced Plasma -- Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Laser-Produced Plasmas at the Soreq Nuclear Research Center -- V. Fusion Oriented Experiments -- Laser Fusion Experiments Using Spherical Shell Targets -- Plasma
Experiments with 1.06-?m Lasers at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory -- Interaction of Powerful Laser Radiation with Shell Targets -- Laser Driven Implosion Experiments at Limeil -- Theory and Interpretation of Laser Compression
Studies at the University of Rochester -- Experimental Studies of the Physics of Laser Fusion -- Initial Target Experiments with the Iodine Laser -- Thermonuclear Fusion Plasma by Lasers Coupling and Implosion -- Author Index
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Physics , Nuclear physics , Heavy ions , Hadrons , Physics , Nuclear Physics, Heavy Ions, Hadrons
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Call number:SPRINGER-1973-9781468420340:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Coherence and Quantum Optics Proceedings of the Third Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics held at the University of Rochester, June 21–23, 1972
Size:1 online resource (914 p.)
Contents:W1 Resonant Pulse Propagation I -- W1-1 Some Nonlinear Properties of Pulse Propagation -- W1-2 Self-Induced Transparency in the Broadline and Narrowline Limits and Applications -- W1-3 Observation of Zero-Degree Pulse Propagation in a
Resonant Medium -- W1-4 Higher Conservation Laws and Coherent Pulse Propagation -- W2 Quantum Electrodynamics and Alternative Theories I -- W2-1 Survey of the Present Status of Neoclassical Radiation Theory -- W2-2 A Test of Jaynes’
Neoclassical Theory: Incoherent Resonance Fluorescence from a Coherently Excited State -- W2-3 Experimental Limitations to the Validity of Semiclassical Radiation Theories -- W2-4 Time Delay Statistics of Photoelectric Emissions: An
Experimental Test of Classical Radiation Theory -- W3 Coherence Effects in Spontaneous Emission I -- W3-1 Non-Linear Radiation Reaction -- W3-2 Master Equations in the Theory of Incoherent and Coherent Spontaneous Emission -- W3-3
Influence of Resonant Frequency Shifts on Superradiant Damping -- W3-4 Spontaneous Emission Rate in the Presence of a Mirror -- W4 Coherence I -- W4-1 Atomic Coherent States in Quantum Optics -- W4-2 Coherent States in Modern Physics
-- W4-3 Debye Representation and Multipole Expansion of the Quantized Free Electromagnetic Field -- W4-4 Volume of Coherence -- T1 Quantum Electrodynamics and Alternative Theories II -- T1-1 A Quantum Treatment of Spontaneous Emission
without Photons -- T1-2 Finite Quantum and Classical Electrodynamics -- T1-3 The Use of Classical Solutions in Quantum Optics -- T1-4 Raman Effect in Semiclassical Theory -- T2 Light Scattering I -- T2-1 Theory of Resonant Light
Scattering Processes in Solids -- T2-2 A Generalized Extinction Theorem and Its Role in Scattering Theory -- T2-3 Mode Analysis and Mode Coupling of Electromagnetic Fields in Spatially Dispersive Media -- T2-4 Amplitude Stabilization
of Pulses from a Q-Switched Ruby Laser by Means of Interaction with a Non-Linear Medium -- T3 Correlation and Fluctuation Measurements -- T3-1 Two-Photon Time Distributions in Mixed Light Beams -- T3-2 Photocounting Inversion in
Presence of Dead Time Effects -- T3-3 Image Reconstruction from the Modulus of the Correlation Function: A Practical Approach to the Phase Problem of Coherence Theory -- T3-4 Photon-Correlation Spectroscopy -- T3-5 Multi-Time Intervals
Distributions of Photoelectrons from Stationary Pseudo-Thermal Light with Gaussian Spectrum -- T4 Light Scattering II -- T4-1 Adventures in Green’s Land: Light Scattering in Anisotropic Media -- T4-2 Intensity Fluctuation Techniques in
Light Scattering -- T4-3 Coherence Properties of Light through a Liquid Crystal -- T4-4 C. Non-Critical Rayleigh Scattering from Pure Liquids -- T5 Coherence Effects in Spontaneous Emission II -- T5-1 Cooperative Effects in Spontaneous
Emission -- T5-2 Amplified Spontaneous Emission -- T5-3 Non-Gaussian Statistics of Superradiant Radiation from Saturated Xenon 3.5?m Laser Amplifier -- T5-4 On the Theory of Radiating Electrons -- T6 Coherent Light Interactions -- T6-1
Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy by Saturation with Coherent Light -- T6-2 Response Functions for Strongly Driven Systems -- T6-3 Mechanism of Interaction of Picosecond Light Pulses with Matter Yielding Self-Trapping -- T6-4 Resonance
Fluorescence Lineshapes with Intense Applied Fields -- T6-5 Electron Beams as Carriers of Optical Coherence -- T7 Lasers -- T7-1 Detuned Single Mode Laser and Detailed Balance -- T7-2 Tunable Raman Lasers -- T7-3 Dye Lasers: Recent
Advances in Tunable Systems -- F1 Quantum Electrodynamics and Alternative Theories III -- F1-1 A Theory of Light without Photons: Implications from Fermis to Light Years -- F1-2 Blackbody Heat Capacity and Action-at-a-Distance
Electrodynamics -- F1-3 The Implications of Radiative Equilibrium in Jaynes’ Extension of Semiclassical Radiation Theory -- F1-4 A Quantum Electrodynamic Investigation of the Jaynes-Crisp-Stroud Approach to Spontaneous Emission -- F1-5
Critical Comments on Radiation Theory -- F2 Resonant Pulse Propagation II -- F2-1 Cooperative Phenomena in Resonant Propagation -- F2-2 Theory of Sub-Cooperation-Limit Optical Pulses in Resonant Absorbers -- F2-3 Multiple Pulse
Chirping in Self-Induced Transparency -- F2-4 Coupled Superradiance Master Equations: Application to Fluctuations in Coherent Pulse Propagation in Resonant Media -- F3 Coherence II -- F3-1 The Laser-Phase Transition Analogy — Recent
Developments -- F3-2 Multiple-Time-Scale Analysis of Coherent Radiation -- F3-3 Orthogonal Operators and Phase Space Distributions in Quantum Optics -- F4 Coherence Effects in Spontaneous Emission III -- F4-1 Radiation by Many Excited
Atoms between Mirrors -- F4-2 Transient Coherent Emission -- F4-3 Superradiance from a System of 3-Level Particles -- F4-4 A Quantum Electrodynamic View of Superradiance as a Competition between Stimulated and Spontaneous Atomic Decay
-- F5 Post Deadline Session -- F5-1 Third- and Higher-Order Intensity Correlations in Laser Light -- F5-2 Correlation Function of a Laser Beam near Threshold -- F5-3 Localization of Photons -- F5-4 Adiabatic Following and the
Self-Defocusing of Light in Rubidium Vapor -- F5-5 Experimental Evidence of an X-Ray Laser -- F5-6 Quantum Theory of Photodetection and Coherence Properties of Electrons -- F5-7 Statistics of Light Scattered by Non-Gaussian
Fluctuations -- F6 Quantum Noise -- F6-1 Unified Thermodynamics of Dissipative Structures and Coherence in Nonlinear Optics -- F6-2 The Approach to Thermal Equilibrium in Systems of Coupled Quantum Oscillators Initially in a
Generalized Gaussian State -- F6-3 Comparison between Incoherent and Chaotic Sources: Contribution to the Study of the Origin of Bunching Effect -- F6-4 Self-Pulsing in Laser Amplification of Broadband Noise -- Author Index
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Physics , Atoms , Physics , Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics
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Title:Lectures on Unitary Symmetry [Lectures given at the University of Rochester during Spring 1964]
Author(s): Susumu Okubo
Notes by Jacob Kuriyan and Joseph Schechter
Publisher:Univ. of rochester, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy: Rochester, NY
Size:206 pgs.
Contents:1. Elementary Particles, 2. Selection Rules, Spin and Parity Determination, Fundamentals of SU(3), 4. Application of Unitary Symmetry to Strong and Electromagnetic Interations, 5. Weyl Transformations, U Spin, and more Applications of Unitary Symmet ry, 6. Weak Interactions, 7. Additional Topics
Keywords: Symmetry (Physics)
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Title:High energy nuclear physics : proceedings of the seventh annual Rochester conference, April 15-19, 1957
Conference:Conference on High Energy Nuclear Physics, University of Rochester, 1957
Author(s): G. Ascoli
Publisher:Midwestern Universities Research Association, Madison
Keywords: Particles (Nuclear physics) Congresses. , Conference proceedings , Conferences
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Call number:QC774.H85A3::2009 Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Five Decades of Research in Nuclear Science
Author(s): John R. (John Robert) 1921- Huizenga
Publisher:Meliora Press: New York
Size:233 pgs.
Contents:1. Early Years and Time on the Manhattan Project, 2. Argonne National Laboratory Years (1949-1954): Discovery of Elements 99 and 100, 3. Fulbright Year (1954-1955), 4. Argonne National Laboratory Years (1955-1964), 5. First Guggenheim Year (1964-1965), 6. Argonne Years (1965-1967: visit to USSR Laboratories, 7. Univerrsity of Rochester Years (1967-1973), 8. Second Guggenheim Year (1973-1974), 9. University of Rochester Years (1974-1983), 10. The Years as Department Chair (1983-1988), 11. The Years to Retirement (1988-1991), 12. The Years After Retirement (1991-)
Keywords: Nuclear Physicists - United States - Biography , Nuclear Physics - Research - United States - History , Nuclear Physics - Research - New York (State) - Rochester - History , Argonne National Laboratory , University of Rochester
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Title:Proceedings of the 1960 Annual International Conference on High Energy Physics at Rochester. The University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y., August 25 - September 1, 1960
Conference:10th International Conference on High Energy Physics, University of Rochester, 1960
Author(s): Ennackal Chandy George Sudarshan (ed.)
J.H. Tinlot (ed.)
A.C. Melissinos (ed.)
Publisher:University of Rochester: distributed by Interscience Publishers, Rochester, N.Y
Note:This Conference was the tenth in a series of which the first seven were held at the University of Rochester, the eighth at CERN and the ninth in Kiev
Keywords: Nuclear Physics Congresses. , Conference Proceedings , Conferences
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