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Title:Microwave materials for wireless applications
Author(s): David B. Cruickshank
Publisher:Artech House
Size:1 online resource (221 p.)
Contents:Chapter 1 Garnets - Garnet Structure and Chemistry - Magnetism and Ferrimagnetism - Magnetic Ions Behaving Badly - Lanthanides and Dodecahedral Substitution - Octahedral Substitution - Nonmagnetic Octahedral Substitution - Manganese Substitution - C obalt Substitution - Tetrahedral Substitution - Aluminum - Gallium - Vanadium - Mixed Systems - Low Firing Temperature Garnets - Rare Earth Substitution
Chapter 2 Spinels - Nickel Spinels - Overview of Nickel Spinel Applications - Nickel Ferrites Above 10 GHz - Magnesium Spinels - Lithium Ferrite
Chapter 3 Absorbers - Ni and NiZn Ferrite Absorbers - Water as an Absorber - Barium Titanate Piezoelectrics - Silicon Carbide Absorbers - Magnetic Metal Polymer Composite Materials - Hexagonal Ferrite Absorbers
Chapter 4 Plastics and Plastic Ceramic Composite Materials - Plastics and Hydrocarbon Polymers - Hydrocarbon-Based Polymers - Hydrocarbons with Aromatic Side Chains - Fluorocarbon-Based Polymers - Structural Thermoplastics - Epoxies - Silicones - Po lyurethanes - Filled Polymers - Types of Fillers - Filled Polyolefins - Filled Fluorocarbons - Filled High-Temperature Polymers - Filled Epoxies for Laminates
Chapter 5 Low Dielectric Constant Ceramic Dielectrics - Silica and Silicates - The Range of Si-O-Based Dielectric Materials by Using Silicates - High-Temperature and High-Conductivity Materials - Nitrides, Oxides, and Fluorides - Alumina - Boron Nitride - Beryllium Oxide - Aluminum Nitride - Diamond - Dielectrics for Thick Film and Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic Applications
Chapter 6 High Dielectric Constant Dielectrics - Dielectrics with Dielectric Constants in the Range 20 to 55 - The Zirconium Titanate/Zirconium Titanate System - Perovskite Materials - High-Q Perovskites - Temperature-Stable Dielectrics with Dielect ric Constants Greater Than 55 - Commercially Available TTBs
Chapter 7 Metals at Microwave Frequencies - Application of Metals to Microwave Transmission Lines - Copper - Aluminum - Silver - Gold - Relative Losses of Metals in Microstrip and Waveguide Transmission Lines - Nickel - Steels - Magnetic Temperature -Compensating Alloys - Metal Alloys with Low or Zero Expansion Coefficient - Metal Plating on Plastics
Chapter 8 Ferrite Devices - Below-Resonance Junction Devices - Selecting the Correct Magnetization - Magnetization Against Temperature - Insertion Loss Considerations Below Resonance - Power Handling in Below-Resonance Junction Devices - Intermodula tion in Below-Resonance Junction Devices - Microstrip Below-Resonance Devices - Below-Resonance Linear Devices - Switching and Latching Devices - Temperature Considerations - Above-Resonance Devices - Power Handling in Above-Resonance Devices - Above-Res onance Phase Shifters - Devices at Resonance
Chapter 9 Resonators and Filters Based on Dielectrics - Circuit-Based Resonators - Coaxial Resonators - TE-Based Dielectric Resonator Applications - Dielectric Resonator Loaded Cavities - Dielectric Support Materials - TM Dielectric Resonator-Based Cavities - Intermodulation in Dielectric Loaded Cavities
Chapter 10 Antennas and Radomes - Ferrite Rod Antennas for VHF and UHF Patch Antennas - Ferrite Patch Antennas - Planar Inverted-F Antennas - Dielectric Resonator Antennas - Metal Antennas - Radomes - Half-Wave Radomes - A- and C-Sandwich Constructi on - Foam Radome Materials - Ceramic Materials - Microwave and IR Transparent Radomes - Absorbers for Antennas - Phased-Array Antennas
Chapter 11 Tunable Devices - Magnetic Tuning - Lumped Element Magnetically Tunable Filters - Ferrite Phase Shifters - Magnetically Tunable Microstrip Filters - Magnetically Tunable Dielectric Resonator Filters - Single-Crystal YIG Resonators - Epita xial Thin-Film Magnetically Tuned YIG Devices - Ferroelectric-Tuned Devices - Tunable MEMS Devices - Low Temperature and Cryogenic Devices - Magnetic Materials at Low Temperature - Dielectrics at Low Temperature - Superconductors at Microwave Frequencies
Chapter 12 Measurement Techniques - Dielectric Constant and Loss - Perturbation Techniques - Dielectric Properties Using Dielectric Resonators - Dielectric Temperature Coefficients - Low-Frequency Measurements of Dielectric Properties - Split Resonator Technique - Magnetization - Vibrating Sample Magnetometer - AC Magnetization - Line Width Measurements - Ferrimagnetic Resonance - Spinwave Line Width - Effective Line Width and Magnetic Losses - Permeability and Magnetic Loss Spectrum - Intermodulation and Third-Harmonic Distortion Measurement - Density
Series:Artech eBooks
Keywords: Microwaves. , Wireless communication systems, Materials.
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Call number:SPRINGER-2016-9783319220932:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:CHIPS 2020 VOL. 2 New Vistas in Nanoelectronics
Edition:1st ed. 2016
Size:1 online resource (90 p.)
Contents:News on 8 Chip-Technologies -- Monolithic 3D Integration -- Comprehensive, Reliable, Low-Power Electronics -- Analog for a Digital World -- Interconnects, Communication -- Developments in the Chip Market -- ITRS, The 2014-2029
International Technology Roadmap of Semiconductors -- Nanolithography -- Power-Efficient Design -- Super processors and Super computers -- Memory -- Hybrid 3D Integration for Wireless Multimedia -- Technology for the Next-Generation
Mobile User -- MEMS –Micro-Electromechanical Systems -- Vision Chips and Cameras -- Digital Neural Networks -- Retinal Implants -- The Human-Brain Projects -- Energy Harvesting and Chip Autonomy -- 2020 World with Chips
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Keywords: Physics , Condensed matter , Electronic circuits , Nanotechnology , Electronics , Microelectronics , Optical materials , Electronic materials , Physics , Condensed Matter Physics , Nanotechnology and Microengineering , Optical and Electronic Materials , Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation , Electronic Circuits and Devices
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Call number:SPRINGER-2006-9783540289746:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:True Visions [electronic resource] : The Emergence of Ambient Intelligence
Author(s): Emile Aarts
Jos Encarnao
Publisher:Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Size:1 online resource
Note:Springer e-book platform
Note:Springer 2013 e-book collections
Note:Ambient intelligence (AI) refers to a developing technology that will increasingly make our everyday environment sensitive and responsive to our presence. The AI vision requires technology invisibly embedded in our everydaysurroundings, present whene ver we need it that will lead to the seamless integration of lighting, sounds, vision, domestic appliances, and personal healthcare products to enhance our living experience. Written for the non-specialistseeking an authoritative but accessible overview o f this interdisciplinary field, True Visions explains how the devices making up the AI world will operate collectively using information and intelligence hidden in the wireless networkconnecting them. Expert contributions address key AI components such as smart materials and textiles, system architecture, mobile computing, broadband communication, and underlying issues of human-environment interactions. It seeks tounify the perspectives of scientists from diverse backgrounds ranging from the physics of ma terials to the aesthetics of industrial design as it describes the emergence of ambient intelligence, one of todays most compelling areas ofinnovation
Note:Springer eBooks
Contents:Into Ambient Intelligence
Information, Society and Technology
Ambient Culture
Smart Materials
Electronic Dust and e
Electronic Textiles
Computing Platforms
Software Platforms
Mobile Computing
Broadband Communication
Infrastructure and e
Context Aware Services
Computational Intelligence
Social User Interfaces
modal HumanEnvironment Interaction
Intelligent Media
Smart Environments
Sensory Augmented Computing
Experience Design
Experience Research
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Physics and Astronomy (Springer-11651)
Keywords: Telecommunication , Systems engineering
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