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Call number:SPRINGER-2005-9780387233925:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Applications of Supply Chain Management and E-Commerce Research [electronic resource]
Author(s): Joseph Geunes
Elif Akali
Panos M Pardalos
H. Edwin Romeijn
Zuo-Jun Max Shen
Publisher:Boston, MA : Springer US
Size:1 online resource
Note:Springer e-book platform
Note:Springer 2013 e-book collections
Note:This volume contains a broad specturm of both research and applications in both supply chain management and e-business. Several chapters are written by practitioners at leading corporations. It contains a variety of perspectivesfrom researchers and p racitioners in disciplines beyond pure operations management or operations research. Audience This volume is suitable for researchers in supply chain management, e-business, and applied operations research as wellas graduate students in these and other re lated disciplines. It would also be of interest to industry practitioners in supply chain management and e-business with interests in operations managements and operations research
Note:Springer eBooks
Contents:Coordination of Inventory and Shipment Consolidation Decisions
A Near
Optimal Order
Based Inventory Allocation Rule
Improving Supply Chain Performance through Buyer Collaboration
Impact of New Supply Chain Management Practices
Managing the Supply
Side Risks in Supply Chains
Demand Propagation in ERP Integrated Assembly Supply Chains
Bridging the Gap in Electronic Markets
Strategies and Challenges of Internet Grocery Retailing Logistics
Enabling Supply Chain Coordination
Collaboration Technologies for Supporting E
supply Chain Management
The State of Practice in Su
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Applied Optimization, 1384-6485 : v92
Series:Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Keywords: Mathematics , Mathematical optimization , Operations research
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Call number:SPRINGER-2002-9781475752267:ONLINE Show nearby items on shelf
Title:Financial Engineering, E-commerce and Supply Chain
Size:1 online resource (401 p.)
Contents:1 The Threshold Accepting Heuristic for Index Tracking -- 2 Algorithms for Optimization of Value-at-Risk -- 3 Empirical Bayes Estimation of Securities Price Parameters -- 4 The Value of Integrative Risk Management for Insurance
Products with Guarantees -- 5 ?-Quantile Option in a Jump-Diffusion Economy -- 6 On Optimality Condition of Interacting Agents in Financial Markets -- 7 Searching for the Optimal Defence Expenditure -- 8 The Efficiency of Capital
Market Microstructure in Greece -- 9 A Multiobjective Methodology for Bank Asset Liability Management -- 10 Post Tax Optimal Investments -- 11 Random Matrix Theory and a Definition of Correlations in Financial Markets -- 12 The
Simulation of the Implied Distribution and Other Smile Consistent Stochastic Volatility Models: An Overview -- 13 e-Commerce in the Agribusiness Sector: Present Situation and Future Trends -- 14 Identifying Patterns in Internet Retail
Store Layouts -- 15 A Dynamic Slope Scaling Procedure for the Fixed-Charge Cost Multi-Commodity Network Flow Problem -- 16 Inventory Management -- 17 Non-Linear Pricing in Single Period Supply Contracts with Asymmetric Demand
Information -- 18 The Optimization of the Distribution System in the Context of Supply Chain Management Development -- 19 From Logistics to Collaborative Logistics — a Theoretical Approach -- 20 Supply Chain Management: A Business
Approach to Some Actual Aspects -- 21 Failure Discrimination by Semi-Definite Programming
Series:SpringerLink (Online service)
Series:Springer eBooks
Series:Applied Optimization: 70
Keywords: Computer science , Business , Management science , Finance , E-commerce , Algorithms , Economics , Computer Science , e-Commerce/e-business , Business and Management, general , Finance, general , Economics, general , Computer Science, general , Algorithms
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