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9783319311500:ONLINE : Weisend, J. G., (ed.) Cryostat design: case studies, principles and engineering [URL] .

9781400848225:ONLINE : Quigg, Chris Gauge Theories of the Strong, Weak, and Electromagnetic Interactions (electronic resource) [URL] .

9780226305837:ONLINE : Kolb, Adrienne W. Tunnel visions: the rise and fall of the superconducting super collider [URL] .

448508::ONLINE : Kolb, Adrienne W. Fermilab [electronic resource]: physics, the frontier, and megascience [URL] .

TK7871.85.N4::2002 : Ng, Kwok K., 1952- Complete guide to semiconductor devices .

Q180.5.L33::1982 : Lederman, L.M. Viewpoint from fundamental science .

Q172.5.S9L43::2004 : Lederman, Leon M. Symmetry and the beautiful universe .

Q158.5.H64::2005 : Hoeneisen, Bruce Trying to understand the Universe: From the Big-Bang to the brain .

Q141.P668::2001 : Lederman, Leon M. Portraits of great American scientists .

QC794.8.V26 : Van Ginneken, A. High Energy Particle Interactions in Large Targets : Volume 1 Hadronic Cascades, Shielding, Energy Deposition .

QC794.6.S75Q74::1998 : Quigg, Chris The standard model [URL] .

QC794.6.C6Q85::1977 : Quigg, Chris Production and detection of intermediate vector bosons and heavy leptons in pp and anti-pp collisions .

QC794.N49 : Nezrick, F.A. Neutrino experiments, past, present, future .

QC793.5.Q252V37::2013 : Alwall, Johan, (ed.) Very heavy quarks at the LHC .

QC793.5.P722P48::2001 : Ankenbrandt, C. Physics Study Group report on physics potential at FNAL with stronger proton sources .

QC793.5.M42L35::2011 : Leonardo, Nuno Matter Antimatter fluctuations: Search, Discovery and Analysis of Bs Flavor Oscillations .

QC793.5.B62L56::2009 : Lincoln, Don The Quantum Frontier : the Large Hadron Collider .

QC793.5.B62L557::2014 : Lincoln, Don The large hadron collider: The extraordinary story of the Higgs boson and other stuff that will blow your mind .

QC793.5.B62L43::1994 : Lederman, L.M. The God particle : if the universe is the answer, what is the question? .

QC793.5.B62L43::1993 : Lederman, L.M. The God particle : if the universe is the answer, what is the question? .

QC793.3.Q35E44::1996 : Ellis, R.Keith QCD and collider physics .

QC793.3.G38Q73::1980 : Quigg, Chris Introduction to Gauge theories: Lecture I (Transparencies) [URL] .

QC793.3.G38Q5::2013 : Quigg, Chris Gauge theories of the strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions [URL] .

QC793.3.F5Q4 : Quigg, Chris Gauge Theories of the strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions .

QC793.3.C53C52::1994 : Kaplan, D.M., (ed.) The future of high-sensitivity charm experiments .

QC793.3.B4M5::1993 : Michelotti, Leo Intermediate Classical dynamics with applications to beam physics .

QC793.3.B4C188::1986 : Carey, D.C. The Optics of charged particle beams .

QC793.2.W77::2007 : Wu, Weimin The Beauty of physics .

QC793.2.P38::1990 : Carrigan, R.A., (ed.) Particles and forces: At the Heart of matter .

QC793.2.G74::1994 : Green, Dan Lectures in particle physics .

QC793.Q4 : Quigg, Chris Lectures on charmed particles: Presented at the 11th International School for Young Scientists on High Energy Physics and Relativistic Nuclear Physics, Gomel Byelorussia, Sept. 12-13, 1977. .

QC789.2.U62W47::2004 : Witherell, Michael Discovery at Fermilab .

QC789.2.U62F474::2008 : Kolb, Adrienne W. Fermilab: Physics, The Frontier, and Megascience .

QC789.F3R299 : Ruggiero, Alessandro G., (ed.) Report of the Group Study on the Electron Proton Colliding Beam Facility for Fermilab .

QC787.S83.R56::2015 : Kolb, Adrienne W. Tunnel visions: the rise and fall of the superconducting super collider [URL] .

QC787.P3W68::1997 : Bock, Gregory J. Proceedings of the Workshop on Fixed Target Physics at the Main Injector .

QC787.P3L4::2014 : Lebedev, Valery, (ed.) Accelerator physics at the Tevatron Collider [URL] .

QC787.P3I516::2010 : Mills, Frederick Innovation was not enough .

QC787.P3B5::2016 : Biron, Lauren The ABCs of particle physics .

QC787.C6G67::2000 : Green, Dan The Physics of Particle Detectors .

QC787.C6G67::1997 : Green, Dan The physics of particle detectors [Draft copy] .

QC787.C59G7::2005 : Green, Dan High PT Physics at Hadron Colliders .

QC786.W697 : Wilson, Robert R. Accelerators: Machines of nuclear physics .

QC783.4.C37::1982 : Carey, David C. DECAY TURTLE (Trace Unlimited Rays Through Lumped Elements): A Computer program for simulating charged particle beam transport systems, including decay calculations .

QC774.W6A8 : Wilson, Robert R. Aesthetics and Science: Proceedings of the International Symposium in Honor of Robert R. Wilson, April 27, 1979. .

QC773.3.U5C65::1994A : Cole, Francis T. Oh Camelot! : a memoir of the MURA years .

QC51.U52F36::1995 : Kolb, Adrienne W. A New Frontier in the Chicago Suburbs : Settling Fermilab, 1963-1972 .

QC174.17.S9H66::2008 : Hooper, Dan, 1976- Nature's blueprint : supersymmetry and the search for a unified theory of matter and force .

QC16.W84W8413::2016 : Wu, Weimin Life on the cusp .

QB981.K689::1996 : Kolb, Edward W. Blind watchers of the sky : the people and ideas that shaped our view of the universe .

QB981.K687::1994 : Kolb, Edward W. The early universe .

QB981.K687::1989 : Kolb, Edward W. The early universe .

QB981.D52::2003 : Dodelson, Scott Modern cosmology .

QB981.C79::1991 : Lindley, David Cosmology and particle physics .

QB54.L487::2013 : Lincoln, Don Alien universe .

QB43.2.L43::1989 : Lederman, L.M. From quarks to the cosmos : tools of discovery .

QA76.73.P22R58::2003 : Ritchie, David J. Pearls of Perl .

HG6024.A3F557::1995 : Lederman, Jess Financial engineering with derivatives : cutting-edge innovations & real-world applications .

FERMILAB-TM-2198 : Lukens, Patrick T. The CDF IIb detector: Technical design report .

FERMILAB-PUB-99-232 : Carey, David C. TURTLE with MAD input (trace unlimited rays through lumped elements): A Computer program for simulating charged particle beam transport system and DECAY TURTLE including decay calculations .

FERMILAB-PUB-00-349 : Carena, Marcela, (ed.) Physics at Run II .

FERMILAB-FN-0713 : Ng, K.Y. Physics of intensity dependent beam instabilities .

FERMILAB-CONF-01-226-E : Raha, Rajendran (ed.) Program in Muon and Neutrino Physics: Super Beams, Cold Muon Beams, Neutrino Factory and the Muon Collider

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